Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Official

It's Official . . . . I'm preggo! Yep, I am not a crazy psycho imagining morning sickness and the whole bit. My lab work came back today - and was positive for the pregnancy test. Well, you know - I may be a bit off after having done this a time or two! :-) Big smile here. Of course I know that they HAVE to do those tests for their own protection - ya da ya da ya da. It just irks me that they charge me $$$$ for finding out what I already know. I won't tell you how much, but let's just say that the lab work for finding out that I'm with child could pay for approx. 30 double pack tests at Wally World!
Okay, I'm done venting.
Have a great day!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Gimme Kisses!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Just Some Misc. Pictures

The above pictures are unedited and just fun ones that have been hanging around on my hard drive for a couple of weeks. Chloe made it known what she thought of my camera.
I am feeling *Great*! No loss of food since earlier this week! Just extreme fatigue, which happens to be a side affect of the medication. I need to clean my house! Arrgghh! That is one thing about being a sick Mommy. . . .no matter how good the children and hubby are doing in trying to keep up - it never seems to be "right". (ya know?) So, with Great Mt. Everest of Laundry and piles of mail - ever calling my name - what do I choose to do? Make a post. I know, I know - not very task masterish of me. (sigh) (looooong sigh) You're right - I should go. Enjoy the pics.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Some Help Please

Okay - it's time I start looking for a new OB doctor. My last physician has retired (happens all the time to me) from delivering babies. With having had the severe morning sickness, I need to find a doctor to help start managing care. I need to establish care and be proactive so that if anything were to happen I don't have to hunt for a doctor last minute. Make sense? So those of you who live around here - could you email me some good names? Tell me a little bit about them. Why do you like him or her? Any dislikes? I appreciate all your help. BTW - I am doing MUCH better as far as the morning sickness is concerned. I was prescribed some meds to help with it (as you know) and they have help tremendously. I can now hold down food. Although, my portion sizes have shrunk significantly due to not eating for awhile - I still am so elated to be able to feel so much better. What a relief! Thank you for your prayer!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More news . . .

Just a quick post (please be sure to see about Chloe's birthday below). I wasn't going to post about this until tomorrow - but sometimes it just is helpful to either talk or "type" it through. I just heard from my hubby and he said that they told him at work that he has 2 weeks left. First let me say that I am totally just trusting in the Lord . . . but still in a kind of shock. Does that make sense? I know we will be okay and taken care of. I also know that this somehow is apart of His master plan. I just am a little surprised at how the nation's economic pains are affecting our home in such a personal way. We appreciate your prayer and know that God will provide for our family - he always has.
Now go read about Chlobug! ;-)

Happy First Birthday Chloe!

Today is my Chlobug's First Birthday! Yes, I know - You're right yesterday was Ellie's birthday. I went into labor with Chloe on Elisabeth's birthday! Again - we were with the Pastor and his wife Emily. Chloe was actually 18 days overdue. We had been invited to come and celebrate Lydia's and Ellie's 2nd birthday at their house. While there we had a wonderful time. Their girls had made enchiladas. Then it started. The contractions. They were well spaced - but pretty hefty. I tried to put my game face on - after all we were at someone's house. However, it became apparent that we needed to get going. I was pretty worn out. We decided to stop at my mother-in-laws home and let Ellie open a gift there. However, the contractions hadn't stopped and I knew I needed to get home to relax. We got home and I tried to take a bath - but the contractions kept coming and getting closer together. We were only home for a short while and then with the advice of a nurse decided to go in to the hospitial. Chloe was born around 7 hours later. (She would have been faster but I opted for an epidural so I could get some rest - I was so exhausted). She was a whopping 10 lbs. 3 oz. That was quite a surprise! She is such a beautiful little girl. She has red hair and big blue eyes with the prettiest pale skin. Just beautiful. I praise the Lord for my Chlobug. She has brought us great joy. I can't believe my baby is ONE! I write this with tears in my eyes. It is always so hard to get used to.
Happy Birthday Chloe Marie!
Quick update: My doctor called in a prescription for some meds. that should help me with nausea. I was so thankful that I cried when the nurse called me back - I think she thought I was crazy. Just to be able to eat - and keep it down will be Awesome!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Ellie

Today is my dear sweet little Ellie's birthday! She is three years old today! Time truly takes off and goes so fast. It just seems like yesterday that I was sitting beside Emily in the hospital (a friend, and also my pastor's wife) marvelling at how we managed to go into labor and give birth just 42 minutes apart in the room right next to one another. Everything surrounding Elisabeth's birth was so sweet. Well, she came very quickly! Within a half hour of me being at the hospital she was in my arms. The nurses, the atmosphere - was all very peaceful. From the hymns, to the fact that this was our first girl - it was all so memorable. Especially when we found out that our pastor and his wife had just delivered right next to us. Phillip took the time to read the account of Elisabeth and Mary in scripture to our brand new baby girl. So today I look back on all of those sweet memories with a special tenderness! Happy Birthday Ellie Girl!

On another note -

RE: JPMorgan - Phillip was told last week that the project he is currently working on is going to be stopped. We are not sure when, but it is evident that his position will not be open as long as we had thought. We appreciate your prayer. We know God is at work. We trust in Him.

My health:

Well, I am having a very difficult time keeping food down. Just seems to be getting worse. I put a call into a nurse today - and am getting the run around for various reasons. I also seem to be fighting a fever STILL! I think it is time a see a doctor. I have lost 10lbs. My throat is sore and torn. Just having a difficult time. I also appreciate your prayer in this.

Enough! Back to Ellie . . . . here is a cute picture from the past! Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blessing after Blessing . . . .

I meant to add a nice picture here of a meal that one dear lady from church brought to my home yesterday. However, with Chlobug currently sitting in my lap with a 101 degree fever it is making the post a little difficult to manuever. However, I feel it important to mention. As you know, I prayed for morning sickness - and boy did God answer. It has made functioning a little harder - as my most common place to be is in the bathroom or on the couch. However - the Lord gave me this ailment not just because I asked for it - but I believe it also came to show me His tender mercies in providing those who are a blessing. I must admit - when people offer to help out - I often resist as a form of my ever rigid pride. However, God has shown me that it is ok to rely on those of whom He provides as a comfort and blessing. Just within this week alone I have had two families bring a meal and one other dear friend - old friend, has declared she is coming to clean bathrooms tomorrow! YIKES! My flesh wants to rear up in ugly pride - and say NOOOOO - I can handle it. - However, I have to admit it is so nice and has left me awe-struck.

To those of whom I speak - Thank you.

To my Saviour who continues to teach me inspite of myself - I praise you and am so thankful!