Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Isaac Playing the Piano

I am so very proud of all of my children as they work so hard in practicing and being attentive during lessons. Isaac and Gabriel spend 45 minutes a day practicing, Ethan practices for about 30 minutes per day and Ellie just started lessons. It's a lot of work and requires patience. I have not an ounce of musical talent in me - so to see my kidlets learning how to play an instrument is a very rewarding experience. 

It is completely up to each child if he or she wishes to do something with their talent when they get older. Whatever their choice, my hubby and I believe it's a good thing for them to be apart of now, and helps them in many different areas of life.

Recently, Isaac (my thirteen year old) was asked to play an offertory at our church. He did an excellent job and it made me teary eyed as I recorded it. There is just so much joy in seeing any of my children excelling in something. That Isaac is choosing to play and honor Christ through his talent, is ... simply exciting.  

*I know Isaac reads this blog, and so I have to say: I am so very proud of you son. Thank you for working so hard, I love you to pieces.*