Monday, May 20, 2013

The Unc

The week before last my dear Uncle Marv passed away. My uncle was special to me in that when I was a teenager - and in need of a home and safe place to go to high school, he opened up his home and heart to me. 

My Aunt Gale and Uncle Marv didn't have to do such a sacrificial thing, taking in a teenager - when they were both nearing retirement age, but I'm glad they did. It started the domino affect of a better life for me. I was able to focus more in school, thus graduating with my class. If it had not been for their kindness - I have no idea where I might be today in life. I will forever be grateful to them both. They helped change my world. I finally knew what stability felt like, what it meant to really be a student - no longer concerned about surviving whatever situation I was in. 

Uncle Marv wasn't only a kind hearted man, but he was pretty funny too. Many times - I could be found laughing hysterically over his antics. Even now, while remembering - I feel a smile on my lips. He was a good man - and he will be missed. I came to endearingly call him 'The Unc', and even in my adult years - I would always get a Christmas card signed "The Unc", and of course, in his estimation it was no card at all, unless it was a 'Leaning Tree' card.

I love you Uncle Marv 

My memories of you will include things like: Tennessee, liquid smoke in my tacos, big boxes full of rocks, barking at strangers, telling me to wash my hair - with soap, your teasing me when I always came back in because I forgot something, yorkies, cowboy movies, big belt buckles, stealing your white t-shirts and driving you crazy, licking your glasses, first car shopping, fixing first car, teasing Aunt Gale together, and giving you sloppy kisses on your big ole' forehead.