Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tree Gettin' 2010

So, what do you do once your husband and two new children are home for only a day and a half? Why, you go get your Christmas Tree!!!!
Oh man. We are a bunch o' crazies. (lovin' it)
So ... we got all eight kidlets ready, took some pictures along the way and piled into the car - along with the dog!
(told ya ... crazies ...)
I got a quick picture of Ivanna all dressed sweet for the occassion!
(Isn't she beautiful?)
Oh ... but she was off once that picture was snapped!

I can't get over Max's eyes. He is just beautiful as well. He reminds me alot of Chloe. I think it's all because both children have BIG expressive eyes.

Max has excellent taste in literature. 'The Open Door' by Mrs. Ragsdale. I highly recommend!

Whoa! Good thing this boy has a red coat, so we can see him!

Grand Adventurer Gabe!

Ellie walking Shep on the tree farm.

Ethan sitting by the creek bed.

What a sweet face!

Chloe out trompin' around.

The girls exploring.

Max says America is chilly too!

Daddy will keep you safe and warm Max! Always ...

Daddy getting the tree!

Beautiful Ivanna! In different outfit now.

Max thinks having big brothers is pretty cool.

Big brothers do things like plop you on their shoulders and show you the Christmas tree.
We had a great time! This is one of our favorite Christmas traditions. We ALL have to go and find the perfect tree, but it is usually Phillip and myself that pick it out while all the kids are running wild in the tree farm. After we haul it on top of the vehicle, we make our way to the cashier and load up on mini candy canes.
I love getting back to the house and making it all festive. This year is extra special.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Our First Day

Well, it has been awhile since I last posted on this blog. I'm back! I didn't want to blog on this until Max and Ivanna were indeed home. My husband and I will still be blogging on 'An Extra Leaf' about Ivanna and Max's progression and adjustment, advocating for other children and adopting families, and anything else that could be helpful to those who are considering adoption or may be already in the process.
I apologize in advance, but I will probably put these pictures up on 'An Extra Leaf' too.
For now, I wanted to share these pictures from our first day. We celebrated Thanksgiving today, and have so much to count as blessings. Enjoy the pictures.

Max just LOVES his balloon

Daddy loving his little gir.

I know it's late in coming, but ... HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND YOURS!