Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Phillip!

Happy Birthday to my love! I won't mention his age, I'll just say he is one year sweeter! Phillip, you are an incredible husband and father. I truly admire you for your love of Christ and your desire to serve Him. You inspire many to do the same. You are known for your joy and easygoing attitude. You desire to invest in others and make sure needs are being met. You are also a very funny person and often make me giggle. You love to preach the Word of God. You are my best friend. I love you and am so very proud of the man that you are.
Happy Birthday!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

One Whole Day

Well, at least about five hours or so. That was the amount of time I spent alone with the Lord on Monday. Yep, alone with God. Phillip and I have a bible study group that we meet with once in awhile and study some great biblical truths along with. There is a book that we have used as a guide. This book has shed much light on my Christian walk. In this particular chapter that we were studying a suggestion was made to spend a day with God - alone. A whole day . . . hmmm. I read this and immediately thought "Well, nice ideal - but not very realistic." Who has a whole day to sit and read the bible and pray??? Who could really do that???? In the discussion time I mentioned this out loud. My husband just looked at me squarely, and in front of everyone said it's going to happen, what day works for you?
Well, Monday was the day I picked. I went into it thinking what is going to happen? I just sit there and talk to God and read His word, and . . . that's it? No babies to change, no noses to wipe, no distractions whatsoever? I think that I have been a mother so long and have become so used to the distractions that my mind is almost ADD in nature. I constantly am bouncing around from one task to another, or one thought to another - that to sit and focus on one thing, all day, is a crazy notion.
I didn't know I needed it, but am thankful that my husband did.
I prayed fervently for my children, my husband, myself, my friends, and family. I uttered prayers of thanksgiving and concentrated on some unreconciled sin. I read about joy, and meditated on the word like I haven't in a long time. I looked out at my surroundings and praised the Lord for His creation.
I felt peace.
I felt close with God.
I felt joy.
I came home refreshed. Truly refreshed.
I would urge you to consider getting alone with God and spending time with Him. If we can find the time to do the daily wants/needs/chores/etc. in our life, how much the more to put Christ first and meditate upon just him.
It was just what I needed. . .
. . . and Phillip knew it.
I love that man!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


There are many things I can list that would make me smile with gratitude, here are just a few:
1. My Salvation
2. My husband's longsuffering and considerate, passionate love
3. My children - for each different personality within them
4. The hand of God on our family
5. Our wonderful family and friends who seem to always be there when needed
6. My home
7. Razor blades - I know it seems silly - I just CANNOT STAND hairy legs
8. Peppermint Mocha Twists at Starbuck's (hint, hint to those who love me)
9. My computer
10. Disinfectant Wipes - whoever thought these up needs an award
11. Cannot forget my dishwasher, and washer and dryer - that's a no brainer
12. Quiet times - Yes, I do have these - late, late, late at night
13. My daughter's butterfly kisses
14. Chloe's outreached hands
15. A quick meal idea
16. A snow day
17. A good sale
18. My steam mop
19. For Isaac putting away his clothes
20. For a movie night with the fam aka: floor parties
21. For the things that make me cry, but help me grow
Really for everything and anything that the Lord allows in my life. For the bible tells us to give thanks for it all. For in it all we can grow, become stronger. My family is richly blessed even through trials.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Little Helper

Here are a couple of snapshots of Chloe helping me with the dishes. She was being extra cute with her smiles and goofiness. I love that whenever she sees a camera she automatically puts on a smile and her face lights up. She reminds me alot of Isaac when he was her age. Same facial expressions, etc. Ohhhhh . . . if only I could be this excited to do my dishes!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Did I Ever Post These???

I don't think I did. Hmmm . . . that is the way my brain has been working lately. Well, these are from awhile back. Amanda made the shirts and skirts. I thought the girls were just beautiful in their garb. The shirt no longer fits Chlobug. She is such a chunk. The first picture is just a cute one of Chloe peeking over the table when she first learned to scoot around furniture. BTW - Did you read Jenny S.'s post about Malachi having an allergic reaction to milk? Well, we did - and the next day Chloe spilled her milk bottle on her forehead - and guess what happened??!!! Her head got a big red welp on it. We stopped the milk right away and noticed that she is like a new baby! Not so fussy, no more runny nose and her eyes don't have big black circles under them. We give her rice milk now. I just wanted to thank Jenny for her post. It was a BLESSING and a real help to our family. Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday Isaac!

Ten years ago today my husband and I welcomed our very first child. We chose to name him Isaac Pierce. Isaac means laughter in the Bible and Pierce was after my father n law, whose middle name is also Pierce. Isaac lives up to his name. He is a joyous child. He has a tender heart - one that wants to please his Saviour as well as his family. At birth Isaac weighed a whopping 10lbs. 11oz.! He was 23" long. He was incredibly big, the biggest in that hospital that week. I will never forget the feeling that swept over me as I held my "big" bundle in my arms as they rolled me from the delivery room to the maternity floor. I stared into his sleepy eyes and was overcome with a feeling of unspeakable love and desire to nuture. I could not grasp that Isaac was left to my husband and I to care for. After years of being over confident and sure of myself, I all of a sudden felt totally inept and unsure of anything. I felt inadequate to care for this little person. Well, ten years later, I can attest to many mistakes - but I can also testify to the Lord's help. God has most assuredly led the way to raising this young man, and continues to do so. My prayer for Isaac is this: That he may never lose his joy - but that it may magnify and grow in serving Christ. I pray that Isaac always puts the Lord first in his decisions, his ambitions, and his actions. If this prayer is answered - then everything else will follow. . . joy, happiness, a loving wife, success, and contentment. God is good to provide everything we need in this life if we only follow after him.
Happy Birthday Isaac - My little bundle is growing fast into a young man!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Stylish Up Do

Isn't she sophisticated? We were having fun at Chloe's expense. She thought it was great with everyone laughing at her. I just love that last picture. Her facial expression is so cute!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Autumn . . . and Rain

Washington autumns are probably one of the best. I know many of you sigh at the sight or sound of rain, but I look forward to it. The sound just beckons me to a hot cup of tea, or coffee, or . . . even better . . . hot apple cider. It demands that I turn the classical station down or the video off so I can listen to the music that plays just outside my window. It helps to calm my spirit. It puts me in a relaxed state of mind. Slippery leaves, greener lawns, and the smell of a fresh newness puts my mind at ease. Enjoy your wet autumn day!

All Dolled Up

My friend Alice made the girls a very special birthday gift. She made them personalized paper dolls. I just love them. I often see my Ellie girl playing with them in the corner by herself. I hope that she will cherish them for a long time. I know Alice (and her mother) put much time and effort into them. I think it is such a great idea. I know Alice used to sell them, but am not sure if she does that anymore. Anyhow I just had to share them with you. They came with many outfits for each "doll". They are all laminated and the clothes are held to the doll by velcro. (I chose velcro, but most choose magnets - but being as magnets are a little dangerous around babies I decided against it) Alice presented them in a sweet little box she also constructed. I am so thankful for this sweet gift from her and her mother's heart. It will be cherished. BTW - You can check out other creations that Alice and her mother made by clicking on the blog entitled "Daydreamed Designs".
Thank you Alice and Barb!
Love you both!

The Best Present

A little while ago we celebrated the two little girls' birthdays. One present that Chloe received was a new carseat. So pretty with browns and pinks . . . but she could care less about the seat itself. It was the box that held her interest. Here are a few photos of the infamous box that has now gone on to become one with the dumpster.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


For those of you who may want/need to know: our phone number is BACK to what it USED to be. We had changed it - only to change it back. We had our original phone number for 10+ years, so I am delighted to have it back! (I know - I am a goofball and way too sentimental) If you never knew our new number - then forget what I just said.
Okay, I'm done being confusing.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Roadtrip to Remember

My husband decided that it was time we took a family road trip. So by the seat of our pants, we threw some clothes into some suitcases and hit the road. No map, no schedule, just five kiddos and two crazy parents who giggled with anticipation. The first night we drove all night and the next day. We made it almost to Minnesota by Thursday evening - we left Wednesday at 3:30pm. That is A LOT of driving. We slept good in Fargo, North Dakota and headed out. We made it to West Virginia in three days. Stayed there for two nights, met up with Jason and Amanda Hand and then started back. We went through Kentucky to see family and stay at a home that my father n law grew up in. Kentucky is beautiful. We also saw the Creation Museum in Kentucky! That was awesome! You should take time to go and see it! They explained things so vividly. It was just an amazing experience that impacted all of us. Then we headed to South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore. WOW! That was fun. It is amazing that a group of men was able to carve into granite and form such a widely known memorial. After Mt. Rushmore off we went to Yellowstone! Ellie came down with the tummy flu, so that was hard - but the boys really enjoyed the animal sightings and the canyon and Old Faithful! We started the trip with no map and eventually got a free map at Cracker Barrel that showed their locations nationwide. We used that to go to West Virginia. I know . . . crazy. We had a blast. Why do this? . . . you ask . . . - why not? What a special thing to be able to see the country. We experienced some pretty great things: cracker barrell, sweet tea, the beauty of the changing leaves, the creation museum in Kentucky, Mt. Rushmore, and Yellowstone National Park. Most importantly we experienced one another without any distractions. It was such a sweet time.

A lasting memory.

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