Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Here are a couple of the images that our dear friend, Jenny Savage was able to get this last Sunday. It is NO SMALL thing to get eight little faces to look forward! She did a great job. We usually opt to have our picture taken outside as it yields great light and better contrast, but it is awfully cold outside and I imagined weeping and gnashing of teeth to accomplish that small miracle. So, to keep the littles somewhat happy, we stayed inside.

I hope to settle down and upload some more images and do a better update when I have time, but things lately have been pretty busy.

Until then, have a blessed time spent with family and friends remembering why we rejoice -
It's all about our Lord and Saviour ... Jesus Christ.
He came to die that we may live.

Merry Christmas
Phillip, Charrissa, Isaac, Gabriel, Ethan, Max, Elisabeth, Ivanna, Chloe, Justus and soon to debut: Christian Lee