Monday, July 23, 2012

Pinterest Party

Okay, so aside from knowing that I'm LAME for not posting often to this blog - you are also probably very much familiar with Pinterest, right??? So, if not, go google it. I'll wait. Ok. You back?? Welcome to your new addiction...

Pinterest is an online pinning board. So, you skim through a bunch of stuff and 'pin' the cutesy ideas for you to come back to later and create - at your leisure!
Pinterest has everything you have ever dreamed of creating ... and then some. 
Everybody's pinning. It's all the rage! ;) 

Chances are - that new dish your friend at church made ... Pinterest recipe.

That cute little dress made from T-shirts that you thought that lady in the grocery store was genius in making ... Pinterest.

That birthday party you just returned from where the decorations matched the cake, that went with the kid's clothing, that had the bow to boot - yup ... it's all Pinterest.

Recently I saw that a few friends were having Pinterest parties. I did what every good pinner does: I copied them.

So - here a few pictures from that fun night we just had a few days ago.  It was pretty casual. Everyone brought a dish to share that they got the recipe for off of Pinterest. They also brought a craft to work on from there as well. There was a whole lotta laughter, snacking and crafting going on. It was nearly Heaven on Earth.

Oh Luba! I love you!!!
(side note: did you know Luba means love in Russian??) 

 I *think* Jennifer is giving me the stink eye. Can't quite make it out from here ...
(snicker snicker)

My girls creating their own master pieces

GENIUS!! Caprese Salad on a stick!! Just buy the mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes and basil - put it all on a toothpick, and right before serving drizzle with balsamic vinegar and olive oil!! 

 Little Miss Becky creating her frame!

My sweet pastor's wife: Jessica.

^^ Created by Amanda Savage - pumpkin and cream cheese cookies!!

These were also fantastic! Chocolate chip/peanut butter cookies with PRETZELS!!!! 


Pinterest = AWESOME!

We had a great turn out and I am planning on doing another Pinterest Party real soon!!!