Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Pink Castle

The "pink castle".

Getting ready to go.

Walking the "princess walk".

So adorable.

All smiles and excitement.

We did her hair special for just an occassion.

Being a big girl and looking over the menu.

Rose petal tea. My absolute new favorite. This is real rose petals, and tastes wonderful.

Putting cream and sugar in all by herself.

Mmmmm.... so good! The scones were also delicious!

Chloe eating her scones.

Topping it off with chocolate cake!

Last week my boys flew down to Arizona to drive back up with Phillip. They had a wonderful adventure both in the flight and in the drive. Meanwhile, the girls and I made a day of girly things. There is a tea room locally which also serves dessert and lunch. I dressed Ellie up as a princess and took her to what she calls the "pink castle". You see, it is a pink Victorian style building. On one side is a doll shop/gift shop and the other side is a very quaint little restaurant that specializes as a tea room. It was something that I had only dreamed about as a young mother with three robust boys - my little girls having tea. Wonderful. Chloe was a bit under the weather, so that was a bit tricky. However, we did fine. Phillip had flowers delivered and waiting for us when we got there. It was especially fun because a few nights before (prior to us even making these plans) I had made up a story for Ellie while we snuggled in bed. This is something that has become routine. The story was of a young princess who lived in a beautiful pink castle on top of a hill. Imagine her excitement when I announced that we were actually going to have tea at a pink castle! It was her that then came up with the idea of dressing the part. How could I deny such a fun notion.
After tea and lunch we went to Walmart and shopped for new little baby Justus. It was a fun day out for us girls. I am very thankful for Phillip coming up with the idea. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


The 'Young' Broxton Family =D said...

VERY cute!! I know she was SO excited at my wedding, seeing a princess! SO SWEET!! That chocolate cake looked SO YUMMY!!!

~~Deby said...

I have had the pleasure of going to yur Pink Castle quite a few times..to include one of your baby showers, as I recall...BUT....
I don't think I EVER went with such pretty looking princesses..they are adorable

B.E.Hughes said...

I sure loved having tea parties with my girls and grand girls. We don't get the to "castle" much anymore, but have FOND memories... thanks for sharing a delightful event!

Jenny B. said...

What a sweet time! The girls looked adorable and I am sure Ellie will be remembering that day for many more to come. What a wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy those moments witn my daughter. I am so thankful for your little girls! They are sweet. What an exciting day, and flowers from dad, that is the "cherry on top" of the day I am sure. I also praise the Lord for Phillip's new job. YEAH!! Love ya'


Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

I keep promising my girls a trip there....I told them this summer for sure. Looks like you gals had a "Great" time...Look at the memory you created. {{Hugs}}

Amanda said...

Oh what fun! I will have to take Becky there some day... Very precious!

Jenny said...

Oh... what a wonderful thing!! What a fun outing and a splendid idea!! I can't wait to do things like that with my Turah.

Kelly said...

How cute is that!!! I love that she dressed up. She must have been so excited. Who knows, as an adult this may become her earliest memory. And Phillip, well props to him, such a cute idea and flowers to boot. That was really sweet.

Hazel Eye Beauty said...

you have such a sweet husband! And I'm so glad God gave you the opportunity to have tea w/2 precious girls... I don't think the 3 boys would have enjoyed it as much. you are such a great mom and an inspiration to me. Thank you for being my friend

Alice said...

so sweet.