Friday, May 8, 2009

Life Lately

Here are a smattering of pictures that show what we have been up to lately. The last weekend of April was spent taking our family to what is referred to as the "ribbon festival." This is a festival that helps to test your youngsters skills in piano. Both Isaac and Gabriel participated. This was not our first year in doing so. The boys love it. They have an opportunity to exercise the different skills that are required in piano playing. After each little exercise, the student receives a ribbon to signify completion. The instructor also grades the student, which I believe goes to the student's piano instructor. So much fun. Thank you Julie for involving your students in these types of activities. The challenges it presents helps to sharpen our boys.
Clearly Isaac is thrilled with my picture taking...
Ellie is super excited while we are waiting for registration

A Ribbon!

These pictures are just random.

Chloe playing with rocks while Phillip is playing basketball with the youth of our church after we had taken them to the nursing home on a Sunday afternoon. It was a beautiful day outside.

I told Ellie to go take a nap - this is where I found her. She fell asleep in baby Justus' car seat.

A day of rare sunshine. We made a morning of playing in it. I watched while sipping coffee.

I hope you enjoyed glimpses into our family. We are busy waiting for baby Justus to make his arrival. Hopefully the next post will be of this sweet baby that the Lord has entrusted to our family.


Renea West said...

Wow, You little ones are getting so big!I remember hanging out at your house after Issac was born. They grow so fast. I can't believe Benjamin will be in Highschool and driving in September!He was just telling me the classes he is taking next year. Michealla will be 12 in September.I can't wait to see the pics of your new addition.I won't be long now :)

Our Little Family said...

o o o i love the pictures!! your kids have grown SO much!!! i LOVED the picture of ellie taking a nap in baby j's carseat, it reminded me of my siblings! LOL i am real excited to meet baby j!!! you are such a strong women, and show no weakness, i hope i become like you!! i am such a sissy LOL

i love you!!

Alice said...

Okay..has it been that LONG since I saw you? Chloe is so much bigger and walking around. WOW...

I miss you.