Thursday, June 11, 2009

Justus Update

Justus had a cardiology appointment today. He had an EKG done as well as weight check and oxygen saturation levels checked. . . and everything looked great! What does that all mean? Well, an EKG measures the electrical output of your heart. This indicates how hard the heart is working which can also indicate if the heart may be getting bigger due to too much work. The heart is a muscle and the harder it works the bigger it may get - which is not good. Justus' heart is a little bigger on the right side, due to his heart defect. The doctors are looking for a rise in electrical output to indicate if it is getting larger - but today the EKG measured the same as last time - so that is GREAT! The weight check is an indicator at how Justus is thriving. If there isn't a significant weight gain then there may be a problem - but Justus weighed in at 9lbs 1oz. which is AWESOME! The oxygen saturation levels tells the doctors how rich in oxygen his blood is - 100 is the number most would come back with. Justus had a range set in the NICU for 75 - 90% due to his heart condition which allows some de-oxygenated blood to travel through his body, which in turn drops his sat. levels. If his sat. levels would show a big drop at a visit it would be a sign that his heart is working too hard to deliver oxygen to his organs. . . but. . . his levels were 94% today - which is TERRIFIC! He didn't have an echo cardiogram today, but will at his next visit - which just shows the docs. a picture of his heart and how the valves are holding up.
Justus had an excellent report today and can wait a whole month until his next cardiology appt. He is expected to undergo his open heart surgery within this year.
Right now, he is battling a bit of a cold. Perhaps if you think of it - you could pray that this cold would go away. We appreciate all the prayer and know Justus is doing well because of our Lord being in control. Justus is a sweet little blessing that we are so thankful for!


Karilee said...

Praise the Lord!!
What a great report!!
So happy to hear how the Lord is working in Justus' life!
Praying for you all, and for those sniffles to go away!

Garth and Becky said...

Wow, he has grown so much already!! He's such a handsome boy! We'll continue praying that his cold gets better.

Joy said...

Oh Charissa! Your posts warm my heart and bring tears to my eyes. Your baby is SO precious!! I LOVE seeing his pictures and how I would love to hug him!
God is SOOOO good!! I know the Lord will be with your precious Justus! He is proving that already! I pray Justus continues on such a wonderful path and continues to get strong and healthy soon.
I miss you guys and think of you often! May God be with you all!! Love ya!!

JenC said...

I am a friend of Kelly Z. and since seeing your little guys pictures on her site I have been reading your blog. Your little guys is so adorable and he is in our thoughts and prayers. He is such a precious gift and your family is a great expression of God's love!

The Casaus House said...

AMEN! We are praising God and rejoicing with you for the positive update. Little Justus has been such a blessing already. We're thankful for him and the testimony of your family and will continue praying for his upcoming surgery and that his cold will soon subside.

Tom and April said...

God is so good. I am so happy to hear all of Justus' god reports. The Lord definitely has his hand on the little man. We will be continually praying for him and for you all.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! It is so good to hear of the awesome results!!!! I am so happy for you, as I am sure you are so relieved! Praying for his cold to go away quickly and that you all will stay healthy!! Love ya girl!!


Shannon said...

I'm glad to hear that his tests went well. I will keep him in prayer that his little cold will go away. I love you all!

Anonymous said...

The awesomeness of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is such a blessing to rejoice with you on the great reports for Justus.
Keep those pictures coming he is such a precious little man. Just like all the Browning children photogenic and sweet!
Will continue to pray that the cold goes away.
Love you
Jackie Harper

Jenny B. said...

Praise God! Thanks for the update and pictures! I will continue to keep him in prayer.