Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone! Just a few pictures. I will update later as I have time. For now, enjoy.
Meet my 'GQ' son, Gabriel

The Castle park in YUMA

Hoover Dam new construction

Sunset at San Diego

click on this picture and read bottom of sign carefully - so funny

Beautiful, sweaty, snotty Chloe

The gang (minus three) in San Diego

April and Butter

Can't get enough beach shots (San Diego)

All giggles and a missing tooth

Miss Ellie

ET and his smiling eyes

Just catching big

Yeah ... so hot in this area that there are warning signs.

An electrical ball of excitement!


Garth and Becky said...

So jealous of the Castle Park!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Miss you guys and think of you often.

The Broxton's said...

how exciting! I also LOVE the beach pictures!! Miss you all SO much!! Hope all is well!! You all are on our minds a lot!! Love seeing the pics!

Mcarthur Mile said...

Love, Chloe in the slide. O man you guys look like you are sweating a lot..haha I wish i was, LOVE the HEAT. Sure miss those Kiddos, Butter's hair is getting bright red, how cute!! Tell ET clayton said way cool man, he just lost his 4th tooth. Miss seeing all your bright smiles at church.

Amanda said...

Very cute! I enjoyed the pics!

Vi Abing said...

What adorable pictures. Thanks for keeping us updated. God bless you and your family.

Jenny said...

Wonderful photos! The one sweathy Chloe is my favrorite! I hope that you are able to post more soon. I can't believe how hot everyone looks! Keep us all updated as you can!

Jenny B. said...

Yea!! Great pics!!! That park looks awesome! I have been awaiting an update from you and look forward to hearing/seeing more of your life in Yuma!

Jenny B. said...

Oh yeah, and that pic of Chloe is beautiful (as she is)!!

Anonymous said...

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