Sunday, August 1, 2010

Berry Pickin'

Ethan's best friend, Austin - with a creepy critter from the river!
An amazing bridge over the river. This was so very cool.

My most handsome Gabriel, in deep contemplation - or just tired of Mom asking him to pose.

Get it girl! This is Faith, Chloe's best buddy. She is also our little niece - just cuz! She doesn't like sweets at all ...

My sweet Lu running through the wheat fields.

Ah ha! There is sweet Faith.

Loved this pic.

Clayton and little Ellie Lu... cute.

Give ya two guesses ...

Making our way to the berries ... and Chloe is already sweet lookin' enough.

My sweet friend Amanda - she really is just ignoring the camera.

My Butter just hangin' in the grass.

My Isaac is growing into such a handsome ... (do I really have to say it?!?) ... man.

Chloe ... pondering the fields aplenty.

Purple Haze ...

A couple of weeks ago we headed to Sequim with our friends, the Savages, Newcombs, Mcarthurs and the McGaugheys where we all picked berries on a farm there. The farm was picturesque and the kids had a GrEaT time. The farm must be over one thousand acres big. Once there you can pick lavender, blueberries, marionberries, strawberries, raspberries, loganberries, blackberries, ya-da-ya-da-ya-da. It was a U-Pick and ahem ... a U-Eat. ;)

After berry pickin' and eatin' we took a break and had a picnic there on the farm next to a patch of wheat that was as tall as some of the kiddos and taller than others. The kids ran through it chasing one another, while we ladies sat in the sun and laughed. It was a great time of fellowship.

We packed up our berry stained kids, paid for our harvest and headed over to the river - where I saw the neatest bridge I have ever seen. It was a GREAT day. We definitely want to get over there and do it again. So now, we have our memories - and a freezer full of sun ripened berries. LOVE IT!


Looking Up said...

Great pics! Looks like everyone had a blast. :)

Amanda said...

We had a great time! I am so glad we got to go together! My Beckers looks to old in that picture!

Jenny said...

Great Photos! Looks like such a fun time, I'm so glad you got to experience it. I love that bridge. I remember when they put it in and made it all nice. It was a fun place to play as a kid. Faith's dress is so beautiful - love all the colors! Thanks for sharing photos of your fun day!

Jenny B. said...

Wonderful pics! Looks like a great time! I love doing that stuff. That is a great picture of Faith and love all the pics of the kiddos. Thanks for sharing!

Vi Abing said...

I love Sequim. We try to go there once a year, it is a quaint place and a wonderful drive. The pictures are GREAT. Whoever is rsponsible for taking them did a fantastic job.

Cheree said...

Hi Charissa- long time no see! This is Cheree Green- use to be Stark..... I looked for you on facebook- but didn't see you. What a beautiful family you have! You can email me at:

Tom and April said...

You did a great job taking photos. I might need a copy of those ;) That was a great day for sure.

Gretchen said...

What a sweet family. I love the red heads! My youngest (adopted at birth with DS) is a redhead!!! Way cute...and wishing you the best in the adoption process. It is certainly an adventure, but obviously you know, well worth it.

We are loving our newest little guy, Stas, (Ross) from EE!

Blessings on your journey.