Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Cuteness

I am ashamed to admit this ... these were just taken on Saturday. Yes, that would mean that my Christmas tree is STILL UP!
At this rate, I'm just hoping it isn't still up in February.


The Broxton's said...

cute photos! he is getting so big!

you put all the hard work into getting a tree and decorating might as well enjoy it...for more then those 'holiday' weeks. =) right..?! ;)

Anonymous said...

You are just becoming more Eastern European than you think! People here put their tree up on Dec.29 (for celebration of New Year) and it stays up until mid-Feb. So you would fit right in, ours is still up and pretty! :)

B.E.Hughes said...

On ONE hand, it IS their first family Christmas... so much to enjoy this year, yes? On the OTHER HAND, they might think the tree's supposed to be there all the time and will REALLY miss it when it's down. (but think of the VIEW! Ahhh!)