Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Cuteness

I am ashamed to admit this ... these were just taken on Saturday. Yes, that would mean that my Christmas tree is STILL UP!
At this rate, I'm just hoping it isn't still up in February.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Little Chicken Fun

Our chickens really are a bunch of fun. We really like having them around. Unfortunately, we lost an Americauna hen the other day to a coyote - sad. So, now we have fourteen chickens, with one rooster in the mix. Today we thought we would have some chicken fun while the littles slept upstairs, I quickly grabbed my camera and one of the gingerbread houses the kids made. I snapped several pictures of them eating the house, as well as some of our very handsome rooster. I even got a sequence of a hen laying an egg. Enjoy ....


catching roosters is always a risky business.

This guy will charge you!

Hens raise their tail feathers and nest when they get ready to lay an egg. Then the tail will shake and out it will come ...

We have been getting roughly 5 - 9 eggs a day - just depending. Usually you get less eggs during the winter. So, we are excited to see what summer brings! Want to buys some eggs? LOL