Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vacation 2012

Just a few weeks ago we were able to sneak away as a family to our favorite spot: the beach. 
We rented a beautiful home right on the beach. A treat for our family. It was quiet, restful and refreshing. We played puzzles, tried new recipes, read a lot, hunted for sand dollars, went on walks, drove around the Cranberry fields and cooked some incredible new recipes. 


Takes me back. 

It. Was. Awesome.

Thank you Jesus for not just allowing your children to just trudge through life, but giving us sweet times like this to enjoy. Completely undeserved, and completely appreciated.

Asher enjoyed his view from his jumper.

The beautiful house was so comfortable and just simply amazing. It was RIGHT on the beach. Just a tiny walk through the dunes and you found your toes deep in sand, and the beauty of the waves before you.

Ivanna was not entirely impressed with the water and waves.

We collected over 200 sand dollars total. 

Crazy Chloe.

Cool Kid.

Keepin' our britches up ... tough work.

Incredible. God's handiwork.

Cell phone picture, but this is a bowl of Curry Soup that Phillip and Isaac created one night. 
Ya ... I agree. I am married to the most awesome man. Ever.


Tom and April said...

Lol. I am anxiously awaiting trying that curry soup! I am glad you all got the time away. It sounds like a great time, may have to copy you again soon! :) keep the ideas flowing! I love the beach too. LOVE. I love you all too and those beautiful kiddos with their falling britches! :)

The Potvin Crew said...

I LOVE family get-a-ways! It seems many people love the idea, but rarely find time... or should I say, "make time", to just go ahead and do it. Glad you all were able to enjoy one. Give the kiddos hugs for me and please tell Ellie and Chloe that I am thinking of them this week. Hugs, Grace

Naomi Houston said...

How fun! Vacations are always nice to take, especially on the beach. I know that your kids will carry those wonderful memories with them forever as my siblings and I have with our family!

Jeanne' said...

the kids are getting soo big!