Friday, May 30, 2008

This Is Not Easy

Two different versions with color variation.

Okay . . . so I have been playing around for a little while on this image of Chloe and am having a time of it. Trying to teach myself about layers, color saturation, sharpening and not to mention a million other things that have turned my mind to mush. To me the image seems a bit bluish or grayish. Not sure why. I played with the blue and this was what I thought looked best. Now, I truly respect Jenny for what she has accomplished in teaching herself and doing all that work and editing for those of us she calls friends. This is not an easy task. So guess what??? I am going to order Photoshop for Dummies - I think I qualify. All kidding aside - I do love this picture. She is looking up and the grass behind her is truly that color. AHH HAA . . . maybe she seems a bit bluish because of the shade??? I am sure Jenny could tell me. What do you think?


Jenny B. said...

Photoshop for dummmies, great idea! I usually have to have books to help me with such things as well. I like the second one best. You'll have to let me know how you like the book, as I hope to learn about Photoshopping as well at some point in time. She is adorable in this pic. I always like pictures with babies looking up into the sky.

Jenny said...

Ooohhhh... I can't wait to answer... pick me, pick me!! LOL JK BUT, actually, I need to wait to answer until I can see them on my real monitor...I'm on the laptop right now and Keturah is sleeping so I can't go in there at the moment...and I have learned that there is a great visual difference between the two screens, so I will check the photos out later and leave my REAL comment. But from this crummy screen I like the color of the bottom one more, but the saturation of the top one more. AMAZING catchlights in the eyes!!! I can't seem to enlarge the bottom photo though. :( Maybe edit the post and repost that photo? It's an awesome photo, I want to play with it myself!! Would make a wonderful headshot of Chlobug. I'll check back later.

Jenny said...

Okay, now I know that I definitely like the bottom one better! My only lament is that I can't enlarge it! :(:( I would even try sliding the RGB slider a little more to the left, then turn the red up just a little and the blue down even more! If the whites of her eyes don't look truly white yet after that (we don't want them looking bluish), then we need to Dodge ( hit 'O' then choose dodge) them a little to get the nearest eye a little whiter. The farther eye looks bright enough. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo!! If you want to see what I would do with it, you can email me a photo any time. That's how a friend taught me! You CAN do this... it's easier than sewing! :)