Monday, October 19, 2009

Some Hospital Pictures

after surgery

Pastor Houston holding Butter prior to surgery. He was at the hospital before us at 6am!
Butter's chest prior to surgery. No scar . . . but now he has a cool scar to brag about!

On his way to Ronald McDonald House the day prior to surgery.

Daddy and Justus on pre-op day!
*I always forget that Blogger uploads images backwards*
Anyhow, here are some pictures that I thought I would share from being in the hospital. Justus, (aka: Butter) is doing great. Everyday brings with it a brighter smile and a step towards our "normal" routine. He has been a little out of his norm when it comes to sleeping: sleeps for 20 min. to an hour and then awakes, but I think that will go away with time.
I LOVE - LOVE - LOVE being home! My three older boys are doing great in school. The girls are being wonderful helps in making messes, and Butter continues to happily nurse as all the controlled chaos unleashes around him. Awwwweeeee .... lovin' it!


Mrs. Pizo said...

What a sweet little man. I am so glad that he is home and doing so much better! God is good. How did he get the name "Butter"?

Amanda said...

God has given you some sweet munchkins! I just praise the Lord for all he has done in your lives!

Shannon said...

He is so precious.. all your kids are. I am so happy that you guys are finally able to be home & that Justus is healing. Praise God for answered prayers!!

Jenny said...

What a great update! Thank you for sharing some of your hospital pictures with us. I just love looking at photos of little Justus! So happy to hear that he is recovering well and that you can all be at home and comfortable.

John said...

Thanks for the update and pictures. PTL that he's home and doing well!


Jenny B. said...

Good, good! Glad to hear all is going well. You have such a precious little gift in that little guy and I am glad to hear he is continuing to do better. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the positive update!

Anonymous said...

God is so amazing. To know He hears our every prayer and answers them. Praise God that Justus is now home to enjoy his family. Thanks for keeping us updated. I will keep you in my prayers. I love all the pictures you've been posting - makes me feel like I'm right there. Love you, Vi Abing