Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Trip to Yuma

Taz playing in the "sponge - pit"

At the ladies retreat. What a blast we had!
Some wild and crazy ladies of Faith Baptist Church!

Hmmm... you think he's having a good time?

Whoah! What a face, Chloe! We were at a place called "Jump Up"

Gabriel - swimming.

Isaac - swimming.

Welcoming home some soldiers... what an honor that was... and ... HOT!!!


A very sweet lady of Faith Baptist who prays for our son ... and she didn't even know us. She was happy to have met the little one she had been praying for.

:) I love this pic. April holding my sweet Butter.

Men - with babies...

Proud as peacocks! These men deserve our thanks!

This is how close to Mexico the city of Yuma is: see the border fence? SO COOL!

This above pic is hilarious! When driving to Yuma we saw this pretty looking lake thing. We drive to go see it and NO ONE was there except some crazy fisherman. Well, we stepped out and literally lost our breath. It was soooo HUMID, and SMELLED! I guess this "SALTON SEA" is so polluted that fish just die and wash up on shore. Click on image and you will see Isaac's funny face. We all were finally begging Phillip to get back in car!! Too much heat, stink and flies. DISGUSTO!!!

Okay... I'm playing catch up. Here are a spattering of images that we took on our trip to Yuma, Arizona. We went and visited some good friends - The Goetsch family that have just recently moved there themselves. Pastor Goetsch is doing a fantastic job as the new Pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Yuma. While there we got to go swimming, meander through the town, see soldiers fly in from being deployed, enjoy wonderful fellowship and just have a great time all around. I was also able to go to a ladies retreat with some of them. We went to Palm Springs and heard some wonderful messages as well as enjoy April's playing the piano. It was a fun trip. One that I won't forget and look back on and smile everytime. Enjoy these pics. There are ALOT more on our Facebook account.


Chris and Jeanne' Broxton said...

i love the last picture!! so hilarious!! looks like you all had a great time!!

ps: thank you for your yummy chocolate chip cookies =)

Garth and Becky said...

Wow, that is VERY close to the Mexican border! That April...look at that amazing tan...I'm jealous. ;-) So glad you guys were able to go!

Goetsch Family, Jr. said...

Great times...sweet memories...miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures. It must have been a real blessing to "get away" with the family. I continue to pray for you and your family.
Love in Christ, Vi Abing

Jenny said...

Great Photos!! It looks like a wonderful time! I can't even imagine a stinky lake like that!! I have never been to Arizona... my brother lives there though. I wonder how far Phoenix is from Yuma... time to go goole that.