Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Well, we are all doing great. We are finding our way back to a schedule and are enjoying getting back into the swing of things. I almost forgot how much of a blessing it is to be in the midst of fellowshipping, etc.
Phillip is busy with work, boys have been doing terrific in school with various projects and presentations while they work hard on scripture memorization. Their scripture memorization puts mine to shame; as they have full chapters memorized. Isaac is currently working on what's called "Adopt a Tree" project in which he picks a tree and does a full blown presentation on it. So FUN!!!! Remember those when you were in school? Gabe has received nothing less than 100% on all his tests/quizzes. Smarty pants. Ethan is a whiz at reading and his cursive is just beautiful! Chloe is talking better every week and is currently toying around with potty training. Ellie - well, she is just a sweet little mama to Justus and kisses him often. Justus is doing great! He isn't sitting on his own yet - but we'll get there. He starts physical therapy next month.

With that said, let me share a poem Isaac wrote yesterday in school: (I was impressed as this is his very own creation)

The Green Beret
Make way! Make way!
For the Green Beret!
They're marching today
In the green array.
Stand strong! Stand strong!
No wrong! No wrong!
Is the leader's song
As they're marching along.
For when you fight
In enemy sight.
You must be bright
and quick as a light.
Make way! Make way!
For the Green Beret!
They're marching today
In the green array.
-Isaac Browning, age 11


Anonymous said...

Wow! that is a great poem! Good job Isaac!


Jenny said...

Nice poem, Isaac! What a blessing it is to see our children grow and do well in school! I look forward to fellowshipping more with you all soon! It's always a blessing.

John said...

Nice poem!


Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Nice to see an update...for us non facebookers...Tell Issac I said nice job!!! Were plugging away too with school...{{{Hugs}}}