Thursday, October 29, 2009

See Ya Later

Yup... that's what I heard today. Justus had a cardiology appointment today. While I knew it would probably be a good report, nothing prepared me for hearing that he was doing so well that we would not need to be back for another six months! I was so astonished. I started to cry. I could not believe that just shy of six weeks ago we had a very sick little boy on our hands, and now... well he is doing great! He is 95% on the Down Syndrome growth chart. (Yes, they have a seperate growth chart for DS) He also has gained nearly 2 pounds in one month! Can you believe it? Wow! Get this: She also stated that many children who need cardiac surgeries right now can't get them because the ICU's in the area are overloaded with Swine Flu - so there is no room. So God not only had the surgery itself in His hands but also the timing of the surgery was all taken care of. I am so thankful. I feel as if a ton of bricks has been lifted from my shoulders. I can't say it enough: Thank you Lord . . . thank you . . . thank you . . . thank you . . .

Monday, October 19, 2009

Some Hospital Pictures

after surgery

Pastor Houston holding Butter prior to surgery. He was at the hospital before us at 6am!
Butter's chest prior to surgery. No scar . . . but now he has a cool scar to brag about!

On his way to Ronald McDonald House the day prior to surgery.

Daddy and Justus on pre-op day!
*I always forget that Blogger uploads images backwards*
Anyhow, here are some pictures that I thought I would share from being in the hospital. Justus, (aka: Butter) is doing great. Everyday brings with it a brighter smile and a step towards our "normal" routine. He has been a little out of his norm when it comes to sleeping: sleeps for 20 min. to an hour and then awakes, but I think that will go away with time.
I LOVE - LOVE - LOVE being home! My three older boys are doing great in school. The girls are being wonderful helps in making messes, and Butter continues to happily nurse as all the controlled chaos unleashes around him. Awwwweeeee .... lovin' it!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Home... Sweet Home

Yes, we are home. This posting comes late due to some issues with our wireless router - so I apologize for that. We were discharged on Saturday and decided to spend the night at the Ronald McDonald house to just be sure everything was okay. We liked that we were right next to the hospital just in case "Butter" took another unexpected turn. Justus aka; Butter, was really cranky all day on Saturday - he also had an allergic reaction to some meds. they gave him for pain. We got to the RM house and were able to finally get him settled. He then slept solidly all night and only woke to nurse and fall back asleep! My heart sang! Nothing like watching your sweet infant who has endured so much sleep peacefully next to you. I was relieved.
For now - I will keep it short and just say we are home. Justus is still trying to settle into being back to himself. We take great care in the way we hold him - b/c his sternum is still healing. He goes and sees the cardiologist tomorrow and then the pediatrician next week. We also have to keep all illness away the best we can. But all in all... he is home - and that is AWESOME!!!!
We praise Christ for it all!
Soon I hope to write more of how this all has shaped our family and refined our faith. You cannot walk the halls of Children's Hospital and keep your faith and the hope it offers to yourself. You just can't. If you can ... I would question your faith or at least your desire to be used of God. I hope that I never forget. I hope to never go through anything like that again, but can be thankful for what it has wrought in my heart. Watching children fight for their life and the parents who love them so fervently strikes a deep desire to offer hope and peace. I am happy to be home - but still see the faces of some who are still there, and find myself of heavy heart praying ... praying ... praying.