Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hello, My Name is ... Mommy

I often marvel at the fact that there is a day annually set aside to pay recognition to all the mothers in the world. I understand the principle behind it - wanting to make Mom feel special for doing what she does to take care of her family and her immediate surroundings. I understand it, but have to admit that I always feel a little wierd in accepting any "credit" for being a mommy when the whole reason I get to be the star that day is because of my children. The good Lord allowed me the privelege to raise my kids - to care for them day to day - nurturing, admonishing, teaching, and enjoying them. It is my husband who works so hard day to day to allow me the awesome gift of staying home to do all this. Without these two key players what would I be? I might be a great career woman, or even a world famous novelist, but I know in my heart of hearts I would feel a void. I can honestly say that there is nothing that I crave more than to one day witness my children walk in truth. There is nothing I would gladly trade for as I wipe noses, clean bottoms, or scrub a stain from a shirt. All of those mundane tasks mean that I have someone to care for, and that is MY GIFT. Sure, some days may be a little tougher than all the rest, but not worthy of complaint. I look at each of my children's faces today and think ... I am their Mommy, I am not the reason for celebration - they are. I am reminded to thank Christ for my husband and children.
~ ~ Happy Mother's Day ~ ~
Enjoy your gift of family


Garth and Becky said...

Well true.

Anonymous said...

Dear Charrissa, these are very sobering words, bringing conviction to me. To my shame, I find myself being frustrated with my children (which, really is frustrated with myself and my sinful habits) . I do believe children are a gift from the Lord. I pray that I will be more consistent in being a joyful mother of children, even in the midst of difficult times.
Love you and your family,
Teresa Olsen