Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Praising Our Saviour

I recently stumbled across a blog entitled
It is a beautiful story of a little girl who was an orphan in Serbia with special needs. She also had dire need of heart surgery. You see, here in the USA there is a 200+ waiting list for adopting children with Down syndrome (ironic - given the abortion rate) but in other countries like Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, etc. these children are deemed useless. They are most often given up at birth and put in an orphanage. Orphanages are typically poor and the babies will usually go malnourished and without the proper treatments they need. Once these children reach ages four or five they are sent to a mental institution where they face much more dire situations. Eighty percent of these children die within their first year of being in what the locals call an insane asylum. Well, this family set out to do something about it. They spent the money and set their hearts to adopt Chrissie just last fall. Well, this morning - after a loooong fight in the hospital ICU she went home to be with Jesus. She is PRAISING OUR SAVIOUR AT HIS FEET!
I pray for the family's collective heart - that there would be peace. That this story would impact others to do the same - save a life. That many would look at their present surroundings and situation in life, and realize that they really have it pretty good.
This family lived out James 1:27 ~ ~ ~ and GOD will get the glory.


Jenny said...

Wow. Thank you for the update. I've been following their journey, what an amazing family. Their story has both touched me and inspired me. My heart breaks for their loss. I pray that their mourning is short and that peace comes quickly for their whole family.

Me said...

Thank for your wonderful posts. Our local Down Syndrome association used to support an orphanage in Russian but there was a change in management or something and they don't anymore. It is wonderful that there is never a change in management with our Lord and Savior when caring for these most gifted children. I shall pray for this family and also for the children who are waiting patiently for the parents God has for them.

handstrustinhim said...

I love this raw and real. One may sit and ponder, "what can I do"? a mom or a dad to a child who does not have that reality in their lives. You may not be able to go into full time ministry per say, but you can be a lay person right where you are at and minister to one in a fashion which God has already called you as a mother or father. And....GOd will provide. The finances should not be a worry...He will provide the money to give a "loving home" to one of his precious children.
I personally cannot wait for my adoptive journey. I cannot wait to watch God's continual provisions bloom right in front of my eyes. And most of all I cannot wait to be used, to be blessed, and most of all to bring God all the marvelous glory He deserves!