Monday, June 21, 2010

A Blog Suggestion

Our last post was the very exciting announcement that we are endeavoring to adopt Matthew and Ivanna. Two sweet little orphans with Down syndrome in Eastern Europe. We also let you know of the adoption blog site that was created so you can follow along with us on our journey:
For news about the adoption we hope you will follow along with us. We hope to keep our family blog updated with news of what is happening day to day here within our home. It will, I am sure, be hard to keep the two topics separate because we think and pray about Matthew and Ivanna and are focused on bringing them home.
That said, I will mention this one thing. Phillip and I have just recently been keeping up with a family that has just returned from Eastern Europe with two little girls (both with Ds) that they were able to adopt. This blog writer does an excellent job of writing of the conditions in the orphanage as well as how her daughters are now doing. She also strives to bring all honor and glory to our Lord. I read her posts and am in tears as I think that she is echoing my heart's cry. For those of you interested, here is her blog link:

I also want to thank all of you who have left encouraging comments. We praise our Lord for such a wealth of support. It means SO MUCH to us to hear your sweet thoughts and sentiments. THANK YOU!!! Please feel free to link our new adoption blog to yours. We know that the more people who are praying for Matthew and Ivanna - the better.


The Broxton's said...

love you all =]

Jenny said...

Oh Charrissa. I checked blogs last night before bed and followed your link to this lady's blog. I trembled and wept as I read her account of "that" room. The thought that she couldn't pick them up... that they raised their arms to be picked up... it was overwhelming to imagine. I felt my stomach getting sicker and sicker at the thought of it all. To imagine being confined to a crib. I was overcome. Sigh.
Then that somehow led me to Recees Rainbow and then to their anniversary video (which I don't even know from when it was)... and again I wept at that beautiful 12 minute video. I stayed up so late reading and weeping... it was crazy. Today my face is so swollen and I have a "crying hangover" from a long night. I get it now. I understand much better now... and my heart weeps for the children that I saw. Thank you for sharing that blog link, I have new ones that I want to add to my list. I don't know why I write all this... other than it impacted me deeply. I wish I could run out and help right now... and perhaps someday we can... I have no idea. Thank you for sharing.