Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today ...

... I get to help a friend in need. Praise God for the ability to serve.

... I am racking my brain as to what in the WORLD am I going to throw in the oven for dinner!

...I am thinking about my precious Matthew and Ivanna a whole ocean and continent away.

...I am regretting that mocha freeze at Costco.

...I am at peace. Deeply burdened, but at peace that God is in control. Can't help but think of Paul.

... I am continually burdened about children who are mistreated and have NO loving parents to comfort them. With every utterance of breath I am praying ... continually... please God fill their tummies, let them feel joy, give them peace, and bring families forth to adopt these precious babies. PLEASE LORD.

...I am still grossed out that there was a yucky mouse scratching around in the boys room last night. I HOPE HE DIES!!!!

... and finally ... I am STILL chuckling that while I was pushing the cart in Costco today - Ellie (after being told and told to stand on the cart and not dawdle) got her skirt caught in the wheel, and well, the skirt came all the way down to her knees! What a good lesson learned for her - I couldn't HELP but burst into laughter. She turned red, and was compliant the rest of the shopping trip.

(Thanks Jenny S. for the post idea)


Amanda said...

Poor Ellie! Lol!

Jenny B. said...

Oh dear! Poor girl, and what a lesson! One she may well remember into adulthood. I love that post/idea, as well. I am thinking of doing it soon.

Emily's Posts said...

Oh Ellie! That is too funny!!! I here ya about the mouse! Yuck! Get some traps!!! Then you KNOW it's dead!