Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dirty Birds

A couple of days ago we decided to let the kids sit outside with the chickens. It was quite peaceful to watch as the chickens scratched away at the dirt and chomped on grass. Peaceful ... until one of those little chicks decided to do what birds do best - lay a stinky. Only this stinky landed right on Ethan's leg! He wasn't to thrilled about it. Of course, I thought it hilarious. So I grabbed my camera to document the whole thing. Chickens are fun, but they are also dirty little birdies - so make sure you handle with care! ;)


Jenny said...

HAHA~!! Poor Ethan! Love his expressions! What a great thing to cappture... what fun dirty birdies.

Vi Abing said...

His face tells the whole story - thank God for cameras to capture such a delightful story. I'm praying for your family. Vi

Jenny B. said...

Wow--Ethan is looking like such a grown-up boy! So different from the baby-faced little guy I remember! I can share in his disgust...when I was pretty little and holding a baby chick, it promply wet in my hand. ICK!! I never wanted to hold another one and still remember that incident to this day! Pretty sure it made me cry. ;)