Wednesday, September 29, 2010


In the fourth grade students are required to put together a state notebook, and since we live so close to the state's capital - we take opportunity to hop down there and take pictures and have a type of field trip. We have made this same trip before with Isaac. It never gets old. That place is beautiful and breathtaking. All of the inside is marble, and simply amazing. To walk through the senate chamber and see where important state decisions are made - is awesome. It reminds me of the importance of participating in the simple act of voting - there is such a responsibility in participating in even the simple ways, when so much affects us. There is also a very old piano located within the capitol that both boys have been able to play hymns on. That brought tears to my eyes. This particular day we also took opportunity to apostille our adoption dossier and have lunch on the capitol grounds. It was a fun day. There are two more random pics on the bottom. Ellie and Chloe's birthdays are coming up, and we allowed each to have a bunny. So adorable! Then I also included a sweet picture of Justus. He is doing well, and we are looking forward in participating in the Buddy Walk this weekend.
Have a beautiful day!
The capitol

Squirrel and her pet lady. This is a "wild" squirrel that lives on the grounds. Ummmm ... I don't care HOW tame it is - I watched "Old Yeller" and won't come close to petting that critter!

Inside of capitol dome

Gabriel beside the seal

The capitol building

The traditional pick by my hubby.

More of our capitol

Iron Wheat

Ellie with her early birthday present "Oreo". Also, let me just point out, she proudly dressed herself this day.

Butter, with all his cuteness


Tom and April said...

Thanks for sharing. Looks like it was a fun outing! That Butter is so handsome and elli has a great since of style :)

Joy said...

GREAT pictures! Thank you for sharing them. Looks like Elli and Hannah would do well together. Hannah has the same style. :) P)