Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Buddy Walk 2010

Buddy Walk is an annual Down syndrome awareness walk that takes place nationwide. October is also Down syndrome awareness month. This was our first year of participation and we had an amazing time. We loved it. Seeing the faces, and talking with other parents. It was a joy. We also had the honor of representing Reece's Rainbow at a table. We were able to share our adoption journey thus far with several as well as get the word out on the children still waiting for families.
The following are just random, out of order pictures from this day.
Butter on the walk with Dad. Daddy's strong shoulders. Something tells me that Butter will always be able to lean on them.

Darth standing in front of the Seattle Center as we walked by.

Boys wanted a picture.

A young man giving a speech. He is an amazing individual. He works for King County and is quite accomplished despite what many would define as an uphill battle.

Chloe with her Buddy Walk Bling in her hair, Reece's Rainbow painting on her face, and her T-shirt on. Cuteness.

Ellie girl sportin' the same style.

Our table for Reece's Rainbow. To the left we had our own adoption "stuff" with pictures of Matthew and Ivanna, wristbands, and copies of 'An Extra Leaf'. In the middle we had the story of Hailee from "No Greater Joy Mom's" blog with before and after photos. We also had an explanation of Reece's Rainbow with pamphlets, etc . To the right we had "Buddy Walk Bling" for donations and a huge jar of candy corn (left over from Jessica and Lucas' wedding)
Isaac sportin' the T-shirt

Justus checking out all the craziness.

Mary and I holding Butter.

We were right at the base of the Space Needle. Such a great location.
The start/finish line for the walk

Ricky Potvin walked with us. His whole family came, and we had a great time together. They are a sweet family and we love them to pieces.

Me and my Butter boy.

Our family at the fountain. The walk took you to the fountain, around the fountain and back again.

The Newcomb family also came. We love them so much. They are our adopted family. They have been such a blessing to us in so many ways. WE LOVE US SOME NUKES!

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