Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday lil' Chlobug

Always so cute,
so exploratory,

full of life,
very close to her sister,
loves new toys,
extremely photogenic,
very loving,
fun spirited,

smiles easily,

beautiful (even with a runny nose),

and has the MOST beautiful hair and bluest - BIGGEST eyes EVER!

My lil' Chlobug.
Happy Third Birthday darling. I prayed for a red head little girl. I got one. You are beautiful and I LOVE YOU!!!!
I went into labor on Ellie's second birthday with Chloe - and was able to bring home the best gift ever: a sister.


Mcarthur Mile said...

Happy Birthday ya Clayton and Maxx

Emily's Posts said...

happy birthday sweetie pie!!!

Anonymous said...

time goes by way to fast!happy birthday sweet heart.
Anna H.

Jenny B. said...

She is adorable. How fun that sisters were born so close together! Happy birthday to Chloe!