Monday, March 7, 2011

Catch Up

Well, a bunch of things have been happening lately here at the Browning house. I have posted a few pics to summarize the last few weeks.

Gabriel just celebrated turning 10 years old! For a gift he got a little money, some Georgia boots, and a fishing rod.

I typically cook whoever is celebrating their birthday - their favorite meal. Gabe picked the following:
Homemade chicken strips, baked potatoes, and shrimp. For dessert: ice cream sunday bar

Just a random picture outside my kitchen window.

Chloe has started K4, and seems to be left handed.

Super cuteness.

Ethan lost ... ahem ... several teeth.


Justus has been doing what he does best: making messes. This picture is where he got left with a whole bag of cheerios on his highchair. The cheerios ended up on the floor. Great fun for babies!

The mess.

The boy.

We have been making a whole lot of egg salad sandwiches. YUM. Learned a trick to peel farm fresh eggs. They can be really sticky when hard boiled. So ... steam them. Then rinse in cold water. VIOLA! Shell slips right off!

This is how much we make for ONE lunch here at our house!
Everyone seems to be on the mend from some nasty colds and flu bugs. I am READY for Spring!!! Ivanna and Max continue to do well. Isaac is busy preparing music for what could be an offeratory (sp???) Gabriel is also really progressing with piano, and Ethan is losing teeth and gaining an appetite. (oi) Ellie is learning to read and Chloe is learning some phonetical foundations. Justus is cute as ever and has now started to pull himself up on furniture. Can't believe he will be two in a couple of months. Phillip is planning the veggie garden and still commutes daily. I am currently seeking Calgon ...
... (wink wink) ...


Mcarthur Mile said...

I so miss the Browning birthdays! And just the Browning's. Anytime you want to have a date we are free....Saturday? We would love to have the kids. We can even trade cars for the day!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Gab!!I am a lot late in posting but just to say I loved the pics!!!! Sister In Christ\

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