Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ocean Bliss

A few weeks ago we headed as a family to one of our favorite places. The Ocean. It's about 3 hours away (probably a little less) and we go to a little town called Westport. It is just an old fishing town. Not much to offer (nothing really) as far as touristy things. Perfect for us though. There is a little bay, known as Half Moon Bay and then you can access the main beach at Westhaven beach. To me - I just take a DEEP breath and automatically relax when at the Ocean. I really, really love it there. It's relaxing. I don't care about ugly windblown hair, sand in the car, or dirty little faces. The kids walk barefoot, even when it is blowing cold air and raining there. It's just enjoyable.

Phillip always went here as a teenager to go surfing with his friends. He still surfs - just not as often. Isaac has also been surfing with Daddy - and I hope we can get Gabriel out there this summer. I have always gone to the Ocean. Even as a child. My dad owned a cabin in Rockaway, Oregon and we would go every few weeks, with Bon Fires and S'mores - body surfing and fishing or crabbing - it will always be etched in my mind's eye as some of the BEST memories I had. Maybe that is why I love it there so much. Now, if we could somehow manage to make a living and find a farmhouse on acreage next to the beaches there - I would be in heaven on earth. ;)

Enjoy these pics.

Don't mind the no pants Ivanna. She had a little accident, and so off they went. Bare piggies and all ...

Showing her flexibility skills. This isn't even the half of it. She can do a full on pike and "clap" her feet together in the air. So strange to watch - I'm always in awe of it.
Just a random log picture.

Ethan being cute.

Yes, it was cold, windy and AWESOME! ;)

Sheer joy. That's my Ellie girl.

Taken at Half Moon Bay.

*sigh* our old dog, Shep. As of right now - I am not too happy with him. I cleaned up another mess. He is nearly 14 years old. Age is starting to affect him.

The gang.

The three littles. So cute. Oh, and Max and Ivanna's first Ocean trip. They loved it.

I love this crew.

Justus and his beautiful smile.

Ivanna loved the breeze and her hands! ;)

Justus checking out the grass.


Jenny B. said...

Cute pics! Looks like fun. What flexibility Ivanna has! Wowza!

Amanda said...

So stinkin cute! I'm glad you were able to get some time away!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys had a really fun time - Hope everyone is starting to feel better over there!

Mama Nuke said...

Faith wants to know where a picture of aunt chrissy is? She named off everyone in the whole crew pic and said "I miss them" :( Love the pics. Especially the one of Ellie---pure joy is right. Love it, and Ethan with his tooth cute!

Faith for Hope said...

Wow! Look at all of Justus' teeth ... he sure is growing up. Miss you guys ... thanks for the call today. Love ya, Grace

Anonymous said...

I lov the pics!!!You have a wonderful family!!!!I'm glad u enjoyed yourselves!!!!=) Sister In Christ
Cellie Warring