Monday, August 1, 2011

Random Browning ... ness

I will apologize right from the start for all the pics. I admittedly got a bit carried away in this post.But, who can blame me when there is so much cuteness to behold?

Like this.

Or this.

This T-Shirt was from Uncle Lucas and Aunt Jessica. It says:

"Nothing Tips Like A Cow"

... or how about a cute little girl ...

This pic below is of two eagles soaring above our house.

Eagles are beautiful and in recent years, are becoming quite common around our home.

These pics below are of a recent project Ellie and Ethan did. "Snow"globes. Actually we took old chess pieces (civil war) and super glued them to the insides of canning jar lids. Then we filled the canning jars with glitter and water. Once the chess pieces are adhered, then you can tip them over, screw them on jar and super glue the lid on and viola - a pretty fun project.

Just don't be like me and super glue your own fingers together.

The day my Dad passed away, I decided to go for a walk down to the beach which is just down from the hill from our house. I took my camera to have pics of the day - I don't know why, just wanted to. Glad I did.

The ferry was coming in.

The sun was setting.

Then my husband found me and decided to try and make me laugh. He succeeded.

I am glad I got these images. It was as if God was just using His creation to help calm. Plus, my Dad always loved being outside, and when he was upset - he would often go for a walk to help calm him. It just seemed to be the right platform to reflect upon and remember him.

Yes, beautiful. The ferry passes right through as the sun sets.

And what is being down on the beach without throwing around big rocks?

Boys may grow into men, but somehow that little boy spirit remains.

... and it's perfect in times like these ...


Mama Nuke said...

Love this post. Love all the pics, and I can def relate to the men still having the little boy inside them ;) I am glad you spent that time in reflection over your dad, what special pictures to remember God is in control and you can still see his beauty even in the extremely rough times we don't understand. ~ April N.

Amanda said...

Hey there, the pictures were beautiful.

Faith for Hope said...

You're right... beautiful and calming. There are three things I will never tire of being able to enjoy here in the great Northwest... the beautiful mountains, the calming Puget Sound (and inlets), and the soaring eagles. Beautiful creations of God. Thanks for sharing the pictures... and reminders. Still praying for you and your family. Hugs, Grace

Faith for Hope said...

BTW, I love what you did with your chess set pieces .... I was wondering where you were going to put it. :) P.S. Thanks for your comment on our post .... just what I needed. Many hugs... and tears, Grace