Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grateful Hands

Every year we make hand wreaths. Each child traces their hands on different autumn colored paper and then we make a wreath out of it and hang it on the back door. This year I thought why not expound on that idea. So each scissor abled child traced and cut MANY hands on different paper. They not only made wreaths but they also had loose hands that we scattered on the windows ... sort of like Autumn leaves falling to the ground. Oh ... the best part ... on each hand every child wrote something he or she is grateful for. We call it "Grateful Hands". It is an extremely fun project and made for wonderful conversation and some giggles along the way.

I love Fall. I love the look, the smells, and just the overall coziness.

We love decorating around here for Autumn just as much as we love decorating for Christmas!

Kidlets gathered around the table after school.

Tracing and cutting. Now ... you could make this a more efficient and faster process if you traced/cut out one hand for a template and then layered paper under and cut out many hands. But ... I not only enjoyed their conversation as they worked ... but some much needed Mommy Tea time and a break while the process took place ... ;)

Gabriel hard at work. He is a PERFECTIONIST. Hmmmm ... wonder where he gets that?

Ellie girl.

Some hands on the window as Isaac worked on his.

Our dining area becoming a Fall Haven.

Some wreaths and hands up. On the wreaths I have the children write their names, the date and their age. I try and save every wreath. It is a sweet keepsake that chronicles their hand size.

More wreaths.

Gotta be thankful for food. ;)

And of course ... the Christmas season. Actually there were some very well thought out things the children declared gratitude over ... family, salvation, church, the bible, food, Christmas, The Lord ... and the all important ... pretzel. (that was Chloe's sentiment)


Jenny B. said...

Love it! Great idea! And so sweet. Will have to use that one here too. :) I LOOOOVE fall too!

Faith for Hope said...

I'm thankful for all of the friends God sends my way .... at just the right time. Thank you! ~ Grace

Anonymous said...

I love that idea! I really like how you each wrote what your thankfull for! Fall is such a beautiful season! Celeste Warring