Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Gabe!

Tomorrow, March 3rd, is my sweet Gabriel's birthday. He turns eleven years old. Gabriel is a sweet blessing and continually shows a spirit of kindness and love towards those within his family as well as friends.

Gabriel came to trust the Lord as his Saviour in February (just last month) and is desirous to follow in baptism. His heart was burdened after he had heard another man's testimony of recent salvation within our church. He said he thought he had trusted Christ as his Saviour at a young age, but finally realized it was personal. He said he never fully realized Christ died for him, specifically - as well as all mankind. He finally got that right, and feels at peace with that.

The other blessing in that was as Gabe spoke and told us his testimony - his little brother, Ethan was listening intently. He later came to both Phillip and I that night - broken and weeping. He, too accepted Christ as his Saviour that evening.

What a sweet blessing in our home ... and for all eternity.

Happy Birthday Gabriel! Thank you for your tender heart, for always rushing to make mom tea, for greeting all three littles with great joy in the mornings, for being ready to help whenever needed, for your funny sense of humor, for your heart full of burden to pray for others, and on and on the sweetness goes ...

I. Love. You.

Gabriel Alan Browning


Mcarthur Mile said...

Happy Birthday! I still remember him "preaching" at the nursing home! All the kids are getting so big. What a blessing and a great role- model to ET!

Patti said...

I haven't been on your blog in awhile- this is the SWEETEST testimony ! I love it, this just blesses my heart. Praise God for tender hearted young men !