Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rainbow Cake

We had a great laid back sort of day celebrating Gabe's birthday. Well, great - except for the fact that poor Daddy and Max were feeling quite ill, but we mustered through.

I decided to make a Rainbow Cake for Gabriel. I have been seeing tons of pictures online, and decided to give it a try.

Everyone loved it!

I purchased two white cake mixes at the store and one can of white frosting. I already had some gel food coloring on hand. Once home I made up the cake mixes and divided it evenly amongst six bowls - so that I could add food coloring and make the colors needed for a six layer rainbow cake.

I only have two round cake pans, so baking the layers took a bit longer, but once done I just flipped the layer onto a plate for cooling.

I then started with the bottom layer (purple) and crumb frosted in between each layer with the canned pre made frosting. (This used the whole can) I also alternated the layers by positioning them right side up (starting with purple), then upside down (for blue), then right side up (for green), etc. I did this so the cake wouldn't be completely domed. (make sense??)

I really did not want to run out and purchase more frosting, so I made a cream cheese frosting to frost the outside of the cake. I doubled it, being as this cake stands tall - and I had a bit leftover. I should have put some in between layers over the crumb frosting stuff, just for a more uniformed taste throughout. Oh well ...

The finished product. Some people suggest putting straws down the center of the cake prior to frosting the outside so it doesn't topple over. I didn't do this, and it was just fine. I guess if you were traveling somewhere else with the cake you might want to secure it more.

This was really fun to make, and not very expensive at all. The kids just loved it, and truth be told, Phillip and I did too. You can't help but look at it and think birthday! Plus, it tasted pretty good.

I will definitely make it again.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cake! Stephanie and David made one for Amelia's 1st birthday last October and it was so pretty.

Is Baby Christian due in April? I am trying to keep several sisters in Christ's due dates straight!!!

We love your family.

Teresa Olsen

Jenny B. said...

Love it!! Thanks for sharing the "how-to". :)

Jeanne' said...

I have also seen A TON of these rainbow cakes! I may decide to make one! They are so pretty when you put the cake open!

Jenny said...

Beautiful!! I'm making one tonight! Hope it turns out as beautiful as yours!

The Potvin Crew said...

Cute idea! I've never seen one before. That would be a neat idea for a theme party .... just alternating the different colors to match. So many possibilities. Miss you guys, Grace