Monday, November 19, 2012


What is a home? 

What makes the threshold inviting or the walls speak of memories? What reminds you of who is there and chronicles the history? What bespeaks of your beliefs and ideals?

Well ... a home is made up of the family within. A house is just a building of course, but the feeling that evokes from within that structure is the family. Who are they? What are they about? 

Oftentimes your first impressions of a family and what a home stands for is the 'feeling' you get from the first steps you take over the threshold. Is it one of joy? Is there a spirit of unity? 

First impressions are important.

This is why I love ... LOVE ... love having pictures of my family throughout my home. Now that I am setting up another house and placing my precious images throughout ... I am once again reminded of the importance of pictures. 


Often overlooked ... pictures. 

Of course pictures don't MAKE the home a home - but they can give the visitor a quick run down of your history - what's important to you - do you wear joy on your face? 

They evoke memories to the surface and remind you of whence you came. Pictures serve a far bigger purpose than just filling wall space, they help chronicle your family - and when time passes, they are an important piece to look back to with fondness. 

A dear friend of mine, Jenny Savage, just took some pictures of our family ... here are a few:

Pictured with us is my sister, Jessica's, family.

I wonder what sort of conclusions could be drawn about these two images? :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I found the above vinyl wording cluster online. I fell in LOVE. It might be bold ... but it is what we believe. I applied it in our dining and kitchen area. It serves as a reminder as to what we are to be about. During those particularly difficult moments I glance at this and am reminded ... 

This is what our home is made up of:

... and ...


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The Potvin Crew said...

I heard that quote many years ago. I wonder how many changes would be made... attitudes at mealtimes, conversations in the home, etc... if we would be ever mindful of this profound truth? I am ashamed to admit that I need to make many. Thanks for this reminder. (Where did you find that, anyway?) Hugs, Grace