Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This, That & the Other

What happens when your life is crazy busy and you finally get to sit down and look at your blog?

You post ...
... this, that & the other.

I do this a lot, don't I?

Well. Your gonna just love the crazy amount of time it takes you to scroll through these pictures ....

Seriously. Love.

 Asher, AKA: the smashinator, AshSmash, Smash is now a CRAWLER! He doesn't roll over (because he gets stuck) but ... the kid is on the move!

Piano lessons: Browning style. FaceTime with our wonderful new piano teacher Mary Kate. She is awesome, and I am fond of her because she's a satirical genius ... much like me. ;)

A little Christmas splash in our Sunroom. (ohhhh the joys of a Sunroom - so so so fun and COLD in the winter!)

An old chest given to us by family that we put in the Sunroom, which is also affectionately called the 'reading room'

Fireplace pretties ...

A different type of wreath this year! Mama loves . . . 

A little of our entryway - which includes an old picture of our home that was apparently moved from a different location 

Fireplace ... and a shortage of stockings. I made these many moons ago - and can not find anymore finials for holders and can't make more stockings (material long gone) Will have to get creative next year.
(my most excellent hubby got me a serger for Christmas that I am DYING to dig into)

This picture cracks me up. They are watching Russian cartoons on YouTube. Ummmmm. My girls are ALL into it and can't understand a word, and Max is like totally the cool kid who gets it!

Next few photos are from a recital just done. Mary Kate Zachary is an excellent teacher and we are SUPER grateful to be under her tutelage.

These next images are from a Christmas Cantata our church (Northwest Baptist Church of Port Orchard) just did.

The choir was EXCELLENT 
Phillip, myself and Isaac were in the play portion

Asher started solids! YAY!!!!!

 Justus is helping me make Christmas cookies here by banging candy canes to smithereens. 

And with that, the destruction of the candy cane, I hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas!!!!


Jeanné said...

Love all these photos!!

The Potvin Crew said...

Love your "this and thats"!! The kids are getting so big! It was so good to see you on Thursday. Love you all. Hugs, Grace

kimk said...

I am a fellow Down Syndrome Mommie. I have followed your blog for awhile, I guess I am a RR groupie : )
My husband and I have five children, our youngest, Will, has DS and he also has ToF. To be exact his official diagnosis was Unbalanced AV Canal, because he had both a complete av canal defect and Tetralogy of Fallot. A really long story, including the fact that our local surgeon was taking the safe (safe fr the surgeon, not good for Will) route and not repairing, and treating him as a single ventricle...he had two heart surgeries called a fontan series...then through God's guidance (with help form online bogs) we found a surgeon in Boston who fully repaired his heart, thus changing his life expectancy from 10 yrs to yahoo, shy is the limit!
Anyway, I am commenting because his repair was 4 years ago and he two still sports the occasional blue hands and feet you spoke of seeing with Justus. Will's pulmonary valve too has stenosis (mild to moderate) and regurg (mild) And it is likely he will need some work done in the future...maybe, God is on the ball.
anyway when i have noticed bluish hands, I check his oxygen levels, I have a O2 sat monitor, and his sats are always they are normal.
I have mentioned it to both his cardios (local and in Boston) and they say this tends to be what they see with kids with Tof and especially kids with DS, as they have tiny blood vessels to extremities, and as long as the lips are not bluish and his activity level is normal, not to worry.
I do notice that it happens mostly when Will is cold, but not always, it also happens when he has a fever.
I just thought i would share : )
I do not have a blog, but Will has a care page, page name is HeWill