Thursday, February 28, 2013

February ... stuff

It's so hard to believe that February 2013 is just about to come to a close. I literally feel as though time is slipping through my fingers like sand. 

So. What did February bring for you? Any new adventures or happenings?
For us, there were some ups and downs - more ups, thankfully.

We are settling into our life living in the midst of the city. I am pleased to tell you that our family is thoroughly enjoying living here in Seattle. Everything is just so convenient and close by. We live about three minutes away from the Children's hospital, which works out nicely seeing that I am running to and fro for the Littles appointments and labs. We also live within walking distance of the grocery store, barber shop, Top Pot Doughnuts, library, bank, dry cleaners, bakery, park, PCC (natural food market), and .... STARBUCK'S. I seriously love being able to allow my three older boys the ability to exercise some independence, while knowing it's just a short walk. I think they are really enjoying it as well. 

There is so much more though. With Phillip getting home at a much earlier time - it affords us more family time, more time to socialize or visit others, and more time to just enjoy life ... together.

I do ask that you pray along with our family for our home in Port Orchard to rent. Many have shown an interest, but not until May - when the next ship pulls into dock. (Navy town). So, we are patiently (or not so patiently depending on my spirit) awaiting for God to work that all out. I do miss my home and the eagles flying above while looking out the window at the passing ferry, but ... I am enjoying the blessings of being here in the city as well.

Asher is a very clingy baby. Some days, I adore it - knowing that this baby could just be my last one. However, there are other days that make it difficult to maneuver and get things done. The picture above was just a snuggly kind of morning. 

We just recently took a trip to a spot I visited a lot as a child. My father would often take me to a place called Rockaway Beach. It's just south of Cannon Beach in Oregon. It's a tiny little blip of a place, but it holds HUGE memories for me. For awhile, my Dad owned a cabin there. We often went there on the weekends. Phillip took me there with the kids to honor the memory of my Dad. It was a short trip, but it was a good trip.

To get there we went through Astoria. This is only part of a ginormous bridge there.

Blurry picture, but look at my boys! They are getting SO big!!!

Do you see what happens when you stay at a place in a tiny little town? The Sea Haven went all out and welcomed us via their sign. This made me chuckle.

A couple of cute Brownings.

Dad had a thing for sunsets. I remember as a kid, it was ALWAYS a big deal to run out to the beach and watch the sun set. He loved it. He just loved the ocean and everything related to it. I think Phillip and I are doing a good job of instilling that same love for God's handiwork in our children. I'm grateful for all those sunsets with Dad.

Phillip and I being goofy.

 Rockaway is just north of Tillamook. Tillamook is the place where all that lovely cheese is made! So ... we took the kids to the cheese factory!

I taught myself how to crochet during the drive there and back.
Love this yarn!

Oh goodness. This kid is sheer joy. 
All. The. Time.

 Ha, Ha. I love this guy!

A few of us hopped out on the drive up there so we could 'smell' the ocean air! Someone snapped a picture for us. That was sweet of him, right? 
(I was totally thinking the whole time: if this guy runs with my phone - I can take him)

Ivanna got a glow worm for Christmas. (PS - BEST sensory toy EVER - it has a 10 minute button where the music plays long term, so no annoying restarts, etc)
Anyhow. I digress.
Asher LOVES it too! So, when Ivanna is away, he plays with her toy.

What kid doesn't like the washer, right?

I was also able to fly to Virginia with Asher in tow - to visit my Aunt and Uncle. They both took me in as a teenager, and made one of the biggest differences in my life that I can think of aside from my salvation and marriage. If it had not been for them - I can't think of how different things would have been. My uncle's health has taken a turn, and so Phillip purchased me a ticket so I could visit. It was good to see them both, for I am so grateful for how they impacted my life.

February has also been filled with new appointments for Ivanna that I will talk about over on An Extra Leaf soon.  

God is so good to this family of crazies.

 I love how He cares for us in every detail of our lives, our hopes, our deepest desires. God knows every thought we have, every burden we carry, and every whisper of want we may ponder.
He not only knows, but He cares. Like no other ... He cares.

Grateful for that. 

Have a beautiful rest of your February ...


Jenny B. said...

Great update, thanks for sharing! Sounds like you have a wonderful location...totally jealous of the doughnuts and Sbux! ;) Will pray for your home to rent...we have been in that situation before. Kind of funny to hear you mention that as well about Navy renters, as we are on the flip side, we are the Navy renters trying to tie down a home for a few months in the future (when we move). :) Love the updates, thanks for keeping us in the loop!

Jeanné said...

one of our favorite family get a ways we have gone on was the OR Coast! LOVED IT!

Loved the Tilamook factory! What did you guys think of the squeaky cheese? I thought it was absolutely disgusting chris didn't get a squeak LOL

Ben and Melanie said...

Tears... I feel your Joy and gratitude and your pain! We miss you Brownings!