Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Photo Bomb

In true Charrissa fashion, here I am again - taking a whole month's of picture taking (via cell phone) and cramming it into one post.

aka: photo bomb


Some have descriptions. Some do not. 
Some need explaining. Some - are well, obvious. ;)

Asher, so sweet & cuddly. In the bottom picture I am the chubster on the left and he is the chunkalicious on the right. Similar, right?

Goofing off being mommy & son.

A Virginian sky. Pretty.

No explanation needed. Just cute baby bunnies.

Need a bowl clean? Justus has that covered.

Currently this elliptical is my own personal device of torture. Actually, it was a huge blessing. A family member gave this to us! I was so happy, because the move here obliterated my treadmill. I have lost nearly 30 pounds since moving here!
(unfortunately this doesn't mean I'm skinny)

The next pics are from Gabe's 12th birthday. We spent it downtown, and went to the Aquarium as well as the very first Starbuck's. We also stopped off on the way home to pick up some pretty amazing Thai food.

Sometimes you just need to ... be ... crazy.

I love when my niece Rudi comes for a visit. Here she and Asher are sharing my lap.

Grouchy pants above was caught red handed stealing green beans out of my pan.

Our pastor from Port Orchard came with his family for a visit and of course, Justus had to snuggle up. Justus has a thing for Pastors and Assistant Pastors. He LOVES them - and hunts them down and hounds them for affection! It's really kinda cute! We miss everyone in Port Orchard!
 Grateful for the ministry there as well!

Here we are out to dinner with our new pastor and his wife. We adore our new church and are so grateful that God places our family in good churches wherever we seem to land.  God is doing some great things at Everett BBC. In just the short time being there we have seen a mighty prayer answered in the most amazing way, that it was no doubt the hand of God. Spectacular are the wonderments of Christ!

Cute as a button.

Oh goodness. We are currently in the midst of Chicken Pox. Max is finally over them, but Chloe and Asher have just begun ...

 Man Down!!! Or more like, TENT DOWN ON MAN! ;)

Trophy Cupcakes in the U Village are PHENOMENAL! 
That with a cup of coffee - and it's bliss ...

That's the last few weeks ... in a nutshell:  Birthday, some goofiness, some coffee & some chicken pox. 
Now you are all caught up!


Jenny B. said...

LOVE!! Thanks for all the pics, it's wonderful to "see" your family! :)

The Potvin Crew said...

Thanks for the catch up... it was so good to talk to you last week. I did deliver your message... they said thank you. Miss you guys! Love and hugs, Grace

Jeanné said...

love your photo bombs!

handstrustinhim said...

Awesome photo bomb!! Love you all cannot wait to be apart of your crazy fun LOVE FILLED life this summer!!!!