Thursday, May 22, 2014

My prayer ... renewed

Life is busy - no matter how small or big your family is. Seems like there is always something vying for your time, right? I certainly feel that way. Yet, I desire so much to treasure each child no matter what busyness is affecting our life. I am realizing just how quickly time slips from our fingers, and just how little of it I really do have with each precious soul that I call son or daughter. 

I love each one, uniquely, fervently and enjoy their particular strengths and pray for their weaknesses, though I admit - that last part I don't do well or frequent enough.

I have become so burdened in this arena lately that I believe God is trying to get my attention - and focus me yet again in seeking him on the behalf of the each child's needs, and burdens as well as my hope for them as they grow.

What is my hope for each child? Well, generally speaking (and most important to me) is that my children walk in truth, seeking to be more Christlike and in so doing, I know the fruits of that will be peace, true joy and fulfillment.

There are also particular and specific prayers that I have for each child. 

First, I pray that I as a mother can express the absolute joy I have in the job God has called me to. I love being able to stay at home each day and care for my children, loving them, serving them, helping, molding, instructing, etc. Yet - I ashamedly and too often fall into the pit of despair with the feeling of being too busy with appointments, meetings, laundry, or dirty dishes and floors. 

Yet, I KNOW that if I had to pack up each day and head out to work - that I would absolutely miss the mundane of mopping my floors, scrubbing pots, and folding clothes. 

Anyway. My prayer for me is that I speak out loud my gratefulness of motherhood - so my husband and my children can hear me. 

So, I'm praying for Abram - that he enter this world safely and at full term.

I'm praying that Justus will continue to speak and jabber, and that those little dialogues of jibberish will emerge into clearer vocabulary.

I'm praying that Ethan will continue to grow in Christ and develop a keen understanding of scripture and the voice in which to declare truth.

I'm praying that Gabriel will use his strength of discernment and ability to be led by the Holy Spirit to bring honor to Christ, whether via full time ministry - or right in the place God directs and has him.

(a recent mission trip to Uganda that Phillip and Gabriel took together in February 2014)

I'm praying that Chloe gains a full understanding of her Saviour's love for her, and that she truly understands and accepts salvation.

... and ...
I pray these girls remain best of friends for their entire lifetime.

I pray that Ellie will keep a tender heart toward Christ and that I as a mother - I
can help her learn and appreciate the meaning of being a joyful help meet.

I pray that Isaac will be used of God in a mighty and remarkable way and that as he grows that he would always seek Christ first - having a relationship with our Saviour that is close and palpable to all those who may witness Isaac's life.

I pray that Max will continue to blossom - and gain the ability to communicate his simple needs.

I pray that Ivanna will be able to find a calmness and an ability to function in social settings without anxiety.
I pray that Asher will continue to thrive, and be blessed as he discovers how wonderful it is to be a big brother.

 . . . and  . . . 

I pray for my husband, that he continue to be directed of God in decisions and choices and always seek to live with integrity. I pray he is blessed of God and realizes always that his family is so grateful for him.

Just sharing how God has been working on me lately - and convicting my heart on the matter of prayer for my family.

I hope you have a blessed day and week!

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Anonymous said...

Very well said, very convicting. great example. miss ya! Luba