Monday, June 9, 2014

Please Pray for Mary

I'll get right to the point.

Tomorrow my beautiful friend (on the right), Mary - will be having a much unexpected surgery on her brain to remove a tumor.

Prayer is much coveted.

A few weeks ago, after church services, Mary was chatting with friends in the hallway and suddenly had a seizure. Since then it was discovered that she has what was first thought to be three small tumors on her brain. Now the thinking is that they are actually one tumor with three different characteristics. 

The plan is to go in tomorrow via brain surgery, remove the tumor - and send it to be biopsied.  It is unclear as of yet, whether the tumor is cancerous or not. 

A few things to pray for:
1. That Mary would do well during the surgery, and have no complications
2. That the doctors/surgeons have clear minds, steady hands, and have had great rest for the surgery that starts at 10am
3. That the pathology report would come back showing no cancer
4. That Mary's husband and two boys are comforted and well cared for by friends & family during this time
5. That the surgery would not affect Mary's sight or any other brain function
6. That the whole tumor would be removed, thus no need for chemo/radiation treatments afterward
7. That Mary would heal swiftly
8. That Christ would be glorified in all that transpires through this process

Many will be fasting and praying tomorrow (Tuesday) on Mary's behalf. The surgery starts at 10am and will likely go through lunch. I will be sure to follow up on how she is recovering.

Thank you for praying for my sweet friend and sister in Christ. 

Mary, as is usual, is doing well. Her spirits are steady and she fully trusts in God and has peace with the outcome. 


Anonymous said...

We are praying for Mary, Luke, and their boys. Thank you so much for getting the word out so people know and pray, Charrissa.

Teresa Olsen

Anonymous said...

we will definitely pray, please keep us updated via this blog or text. thanks so much! luba

Jamester said...

Praying for everyone! -team Fuller

Anonymous said...

Praying for their family..

Anonymous said...

Praying for them and will remember each of these requests in prayer. Thank you for posting and keeping us updated. -Cindee

Michele Hirata said...

I would count it a privilege to join you in fasting/praying for Mary. Blessings.

Garth and Becky said...

Praying for Mary, Luke, and the boys. May God be glorified!

Benjamyn Potvin said...

We'll be praying here in Kodiak!