Saturday, June 7, 2008

Big . . . Red . . . Ball

A friend of mine recently suggested that I invest in an exercise ball for my stomach strengthening. So I did. I ordered one off of the Internet. Didn't put much thought into it . . . it's a ball. I was thinking one size fits all . . . right??? Wrong. This ball is big. It's an extra large type ball. Whodu thunk? Anyhow . . . you can see how big it is from Ellie standing next to it. It' s the biggest this particular company makes - and I didn't even inflate it to it's max capacity.
It is great though. I have been doing crunches and other exercises on it. The crunches are awesome. The ball makes it so you are using a wider variety of muscle groups as you do the crunch. It hurts - so much better. You know what I mean. Well, the first night I got it I decided after the kids were in bed that I would do some exercises with it. Phillip was at the table doing schoolwork as I was in the living room on the floor. In between us is a couch and he cannot really see me. Perfect . . . I thought. I had the bright idea of putting that HUGE ball between my legs and waving them overhead to try and work my lower abs. You know, lifting and lowering your legs so that you are concentrating the work there. Much to my chagrin, the ball did not cooperate! I managed to get the ball between my ankles and lift, however a ball that size is a bit heavy, and guess what - it's round and likes to roll. As I lifted my legs - the ball kind of slipped. All Phillip saw was a big red ball, two feet and then heard a big BOING sound and then me going OWWW! The big red ball dropped nicely on my head and then bounced off. A big ball makes a big boing! After being a bit dazed I realized Phillip was asking "What in the world are you doing over there?" I replied, "Oh, nothing." Then started to laugh hysterically.
Take note - exercise balls are not One Size Fits All.


Amanda said...

I have a medium sized one. I love this thought. I can't believe it hit you in the face!!! I think my kids use mine more than I do. Maybe I will start using it again.

Josh and Cindee said...

What a good laugh at your expense. I'm sorry. :) So hilarious picturing you doing this and Phillip having no idea what in the world's going on. HA HA!

Jenny said...

Oh my.... TOO much laughing...I have laugh tears streaming down my face. Dan is dozing on the couch now asking ME what I'M doing over here cracking up so loud. I'll have to let him read it himself... I wouldn't be able to tell the story without totally cracking up over and over. Good laugh, thank you.

Jenny B. said...

You silly girl!! :) I love those balls. I have one of my own. No, they are not one size fits all, but I do think the large one is best (I like it best). :) They work GREAT. Glad to hear you've gone through "ball initiation" and are now learning how to make it useful. ;) By the way, I've fallen off one more than once in the are not alone.