Friday, June 20, 2008

A Serious Case of the YUCK!

No pictures this time . . . be thankful. We have the stomach flu. It is going around the church and has made it's nasty way into our home. However, we are taking turns with it and so it lurks for awhile. Phillip had it Sunday. I had it the next day. (I think - I don't usually get too affected by stomach bugs . . .wierd.) Isaac and Ellie on Wednesday. Ethan and Chloe today. I even think my dog and another dog named Chopper (we were watching) got it. Can dogs get the stomach flu??? Seemed like it.
What a mess.
I am hoping we get out of this soon. I have WAY tooo many things to do. This is a nasty bug. Starts off as a headache and cramping in your stomach. Within hours you are locked in the bathroom.
Please keep my Chlobug in prayer. I always get a little nervous when babies get it. When Ethan was a year old he had to be put on two bags of IV fluid due to dehydration. If we would not have taken him in we could have lost him. It is hard to detect sometimes just how dehydrated a baby can be. Ellie, as little as she is, made it through. She was awful pale and weak. However, she is doing great now.

Thanks for the prayer. I will keep you posted.


Daughter of the King said... can keep that one on yur side of the bridge....I don't do *throw up*.....
Praying for your little one...nurse, nurse, nurse..

Miss Stephanie said...

Oh, you poor guys! Felicity had the coughs (i.e. throwing up) last night, and I felt nauseous...and then Dad had it last week, and so did Drew. I think we're all done, but still! It's so hard to watch everyone get this, in waves.

Tom & Ape said...

we love you and are praying for you all. Get better, and call if you need anything at all, we are close.

I am truly blessed said...

How is your family doing now? Praying that you are all better :)