Monday, September 1, 2008

Family Camp 2008

Hello All! We just got back from a marvelous time at our church's 3rd annual Family Camp! (After family camp we went to the beach for Labor Day weekend - but will share that later). Family Camp was PHENOMENAL! It was located in a different location this year that offered many activities: rock climbing, a HIGH ropes course, a 1,000 ft. long zip line, horseback riding, and much more. . . . The location was beautiful. It was set against three rugged mountain tops. There was a river that ran through the property. The main lodge was where the preaching and meals (which were made for us this year) took place. The cabins were scattered about the fairly flat and lush property. It was BEAUTIFUL. Below are pictures of the rock wall. It was much harder than it looked. So hard to balance yourself on those tiny pegs and to learn to push up with your legs, rather than pull with your arms. Soooo much fun!

The next set of pictures are of the high ropes course. When I heard there was a ropes course I thought it was going to be more low to the ground. NOOOOOOO WAAAAAY! I'd say it was about 30 feet up. I may be a little off. Well, my hubby and kids and I decide to go and check it out. Upon getting to the course I find out that no other ladies had done it yet. WELLL . . . after a little chiding, auummm-- I mean encouragement from my friends I decided I was up to the challenge. Never mind that my stomach churned at the sight of the ladder . . . and I hate heights, - I HAD to be the first lady up. Phillip came up right behind me. The course ended with a mini zip line. Talk about nerve-racking! That was soooo scary, yet so great to accomplish. I kept reciting scripture verses in my mind for comfort. Everyone was cheering for one another - it was great! Hmmm blogger is hiccupping . . . will see if I can upload a different way.
Overall - the camp was wonderful. The fellowship, the time spent with family, the activities, and the preaching - all of it was just remarkable. I really enjoyed it and look forward to next year.


Jenny B. said...

It sounds like an awesome time and great location! You go girl, bravely conquering the zipline course!! I love things like that, though they are scary, they are a blast. We miss you all, and family camp.

Tom and April said...

Oh Charrissa that sounds so fun! I am so proud of you..I would have been up there with you, maybe next year. I am so glad it was a a great time and very refreshing for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Where does your church go for Family Camp? What a beautiful location.

(from soccer)