Friday, November 28, 2008

One Whole Day

Well, at least about five hours or so. That was the amount of time I spent alone with the Lord on Monday. Yep, alone with God. Phillip and I have a bible study group that we meet with once in awhile and study some great biblical truths along with. There is a book that we have used as a guide. This book has shed much light on my Christian walk. In this particular chapter that we were studying a suggestion was made to spend a day with God - alone. A whole day . . . hmmm. I read this and immediately thought "Well, nice ideal - but not very realistic." Who has a whole day to sit and read the bible and pray??? Who could really do that???? In the discussion time I mentioned this out loud. My husband just looked at me squarely, and in front of everyone said it's going to happen, what day works for you?
Well, Monday was the day I picked. I went into it thinking what is going to happen? I just sit there and talk to God and read His word, and . . . that's it? No babies to change, no noses to wipe, no distractions whatsoever? I think that I have been a mother so long and have become so used to the distractions that my mind is almost ADD in nature. I constantly am bouncing around from one task to another, or one thought to another - that to sit and focus on one thing, all day, is a crazy notion.
I didn't know I needed it, but am thankful that my husband did.
I prayed fervently for my children, my husband, myself, my friends, and family. I uttered prayers of thanksgiving and concentrated on some unreconciled sin. I read about joy, and meditated on the word like I haven't in a long time. I looked out at my surroundings and praised the Lord for His creation.
I felt peace.
I felt close with God.
I felt joy.
I came home refreshed. Truly refreshed.
I would urge you to consider getting alone with God and spending time with Him. If we can find the time to do the daily wants/needs/chores/etc. in our life, how much the more to put Christ first and meditate upon just him.
It was just what I needed. . .
. . . and Phillip knew it.
I love that man!


Tom and April said...

IT sounds wonderful I need to get away and do the same. Had fun today. Thanks for having us for Thanksgiving is so wonderful to have a church family......there are so many at our church that bring the companionship of family that we miss when we can't get to Tx. Thank you all........keep scheduling those days. :)

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! That sounds so wonderful! It is always so refreshing to get alone with God, and unfortunately, as you said, we as moms don't do it. What a great challenge, thank you!


Garth and Becky said...

How wonderful for your husband to realize this and be able to make it a reality for you. What a spiritual refreshment!

handstrustinhim said...

I am so thankful you were able to do this. I prayed that you would have a wonderful time meeting with the Lord. Our messages from Bro Crabb this Sunday past were of the very same nature. WE must spend time with our Maker. I love you and I pray you get more opportunities like this in the future.
Love you