Tuesday, November 25, 2008


There are many things I can list that would make me smile with gratitude, here are just a few:
1. My Salvation
2. My husband's longsuffering and considerate, passionate love
3. My children - for each different personality within them
4. The hand of God on our family
5. Our wonderful family and friends who seem to always be there when needed
6. My home
7. Razor blades - I know it seems silly - I just CANNOT STAND hairy legs
8. Peppermint Mocha Twists at Starbuck's (hint, hint to those who love me)
9. My computer
10. Disinfectant Wipes - whoever thought these up needs an award
11. Cannot forget my dishwasher, and washer and dryer - that's a no brainer
12. Quiet times - Yes, I do have these - late, late, late at night
13. My daughter's butterfly kisses
14. Chloe's outreached hands
15. A quick meal idea
16. A snow day
17. A good sale
18. My steam mop
19. For Isaac putting away his clothes
20. For a movie night with the fam aka: floor parties
21. For the things that make me cry, but help me grow
Really for everything and anything that the Lord allows in my life. For the bible tells us to give thanks for it all. For in it all we can grow, become stronger. My family is richly blessed even through trials.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Hazel Eye Beauty said...

AWWW, well girlie poo, if my week slows down maybe I can bring you a minty java! Or maybe after turkey day passes, I miss hangin out! your old friend

Tom and April said...

very sweet. Yes I am thankful for many of the same. Especially for great husband, wonderful child and wonderful friends...most of all salvation!!!! See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Indeed....many, many things to be thankful for! And a very special thanks for all of you who were there for us while our son was in the hospital!! Now that things are getting back to normal, how about that Starbucks? It might be a nice breath of fresh air! ;-)


Jenny said...

Ahhh yes... so much to be thankful for! I have never tried one of those mint mocha twist things... sounds yummy. I should do a thankful post sometime soon...

~~Deby said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Charissa....you are a blessing to me...

Anonymous said...

Hey, for some reason, your background is now visible and the music is playing! I didn't do anything, maybe my hubby did. Hmmm... It is beautiful!


Stephanie said...

Awesome list, Miss Karissa. :) Happy Thanksgiving!