Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sweet Friendships: Sweet Saviour

I wanted to share what happened the other day. It was Monday and with it brought a feeling of sadness. The kids and I had just promptly dropped Phillip off at the airport at approx. 6am. I drove back tired, struggling to keep the tears back with an overwhelming sense of loneliness. My kids were nestled in their carseats/seatbelts and gently sleeping while I wrestled with allowing Christ to be my Comforter or being saddened by another time away from my husband. We arrived home safely - I got the children back into bed and then tried to get a wink of sleep, unsuccessfully. The rest of the day went on as normal: piano practices, school, housework, baby needing something, etc. Yet, within, I was still grieving the thought of a lonely evening. Then I received something so kind and sweet.
Amanda H. - an old friend, had conspired with April N. - a new friend and had arranged for her to come and make me one of her special dishes: meatballs and sauce. You see, I had mentioned to Amanda that I had been craving her dish and you know what she did??? She arranged and paid for April to come and make it for me.
I have a dear friend who put aside her own desire to spend time and closeness with me and put my wants ahead of hers by arranging for April to spend that time with me while providing a craving. Women do not typically take kindly to other women invading upon their friendships. However, Amanda's sweet spirit was in tune with the Holy Spirit. She was willing to make a sacrifice that was selfless. This sacrifice impacted me and I will never forget it.
I also have another friend who put aside her time with her husband and child to come and follow someone else's recipe and fulfill my desire to have something as insignificant as a "craving." She expressed a true desire to be a servant, even at a time of "want" and not particular "need".
Maybe it's just me . . . but I certainly am thankful that Christ provided this "comfort" on such a difficult day. I am thankful for those who are willing to sacrifice and put aside selfish desires to serve and minister. I am thankful for my Saviour who provides a sweetness in friendships.
Thank you . . . Amanda H. and April N.
I praise you Lord for your knowing my heart and providing encouragement at just the right time. I am so undeserving . . .


Jenny B. said...

Wow, praise God for precious friends. What a blessing that was! I understand your loneliness. Though Carl does not travel near as much now as he did on the ship, he still travels often in spurts. Lately he has been gone for a week at a time. I am SO thankful and realize how much better life is immediately upon his return. I am grateful it isn't so long at a time, though as before. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know you have an understanding ear and I will pray for you during Phillip's away time. I didn't realize he was travelling so muchlling so much.

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

This is heart wrenching....but it has such a Wonderful ending. Praying for you dear sister...My Dh leaves for a week at Maranatha Bible College. I miss him so much when he is gone.

(((Big Hugs))

Kelly said...

Hi there! So we finally meet outside of the swimming pool! I would have e-mailed but I couldn't find a link so I hijacked this post, which by the way, sounds delicious! Haha! I could post myself about a sweet new friend who brightened my day with a lemonade and a dove bar! :)

Of course you can add me to your blog list. I also have a family blog where I post my more personal and significanly less professional looking pictures!

TGIF, right? Have a nice drive to the airport and enjoy your weekend and the time with your hubby. I'll see you on Tuesday!

Kelly said...

So perhaps spell check is in order on the comments section. That url is .blogspot not bogspot! :)

handstrustinhim said...

So once again I am a tad behind reading your blog and as I scrolled down the list to read ones I have missed there was this sweet story! Thank you for the post and letting me know how this touched you. I was ever so happy to do it and never thought twice about it, other than working out the particulars... especially when Jason left all caps on my facebook page for someone to get you meatballs and cheesecake. We have this secret sister thing at church that has taught me so much this year. It has taught me to listen to the Holy Spirit when He beacons me to follow Him in a task to give someone something or do something for another.He always provides as well. It could cost 5 dollars or hundreds and He always makes it happen when I am willing to say "yes" to Him. That is all I did that day Charrissa, I listened to my Saviour. He met your desires, not I! I love you sweet friend and look so forward to being there in May to be used all the more by my Saviour.
PS I am so thankful you have April! She was so awesome to be in on it all!