Friday, February 13, 2009

A Yummy Treat from the Newcombs

A little while ago the Newcombs brought over a hot cocoa sampler box with chocolate covered peppermint sticks. Yummm.... They must know that candy canes and hot cocoa are special treats in the Browning home.
Anyhow, we thank you Newcombs! The kids enjoyed the hot cocoa and peppermint sticks. Now I know why my kids love you guys so much!


Tom and April said...

haha. I am glad they enjoyed them. so glad we can bring a bit of happiness to the you all. Who can resist chocolate? Hope you have a fun weekend with your hubby.

~~Deby said...

That sure looks like a sweet treat to me..

tommy said...

i try to bring all the sugar into your house that I can

Jenny said...

Those look yummy. Got any more to share?