Saturday, February 21, 2009

Challenge: Accepted

So... April G. posted a challenge on her blog for those who were willing to do it. You are to list the things that you love/like.
The rules:
1. Don't list the obvious: church, salvation, family, etc.
2. No particular order. No limit to number.
3. Don't list thinking of other's reactions. Be honest.

Things that give me great joy and/or LOVE:

1. Blackberry season, and all the pies that I make: I love blackberry pie.
2. A quiet evening in my tub with a hot cup of tea, cold ice water, and a good book.
3. Being cuddled up on the couch, with a fire roaring and snuggled up with Phillip.
4. Seeing our bank account plump with bills already paid. (Okay - so more like a fantasy than reality)
5. Realizing that I am on the verge of leading someone to Christ: both terrifies and excites me to the core.
6. Fresh sheets that are cool to my skin.
7. The smell of lavender.
8. Friends, with a game being played and hot cup of coffee in hand.
9. Laughing until I cry.
10. Seeing Phillip at the arrival gate.
11. The beach: pushing my feet into the sand and smelling that wonderful sea air. MMMMMM. My favorite place to be. I can just feel my worries and cares falling off my shoulders.
12. Beautifully edited images of my family.
13. Freshly vacuumed carpet.
14. Seeing Phillip stand behind the pulpit. Knowing that he speaks with passion and getting ready to experience that.
15. My children, sleeping, playing, laughing.
16. A prenatal visit with only 3lbs. gained.
17. The smell of salmon baking in the oven.
18. Weight loss after pregnancy.
19. Soft kisses from Phillip.
20. Cooking with good friends in my kitchen.
21. A breve from a coffee shop.
22. When I can sense Phillip and I working well as a team.
23. Sugar free chocolate dessert from Olive Garden.
24. When someone scratches my scalp.
25. All my laundry being folded and put away.
26. Christmas and all the anticipation it brings. LOVE IT ALL!


Kelly said...

I love how coffee and Phillip made your list so many times!

Jenny said...

Those were great to read! I will have to take up this challenge! I loved reading your answers! #1 - I hate blackberry pie! But I tolerate it occasionally. I can't read in the tub unless it's a magazine, I'm too afraid to drop my book in the water. (I'm a nut about paper). I thought your prenatal poundage answer was so funny. I should scratch your scalp someday! I'm licensed in scalp massage! LOL - just kidding - but we did have to study it in "beauty school".

Garth and Becky said...

Sugar free chocolate dessert at Olive Garden???? Hmmm...I'll have to investigate that one.