Monday, March 16, 2009

Grandpa and Grandma

Theodore Jacob and Freida Bender

This is a picture of my Grandfather and Grandmother on their wedding day. They were married on the same day Phillip and I were. In fact, I did not know that until the day of my wedding and my Grandmother came and told me that Phillip and I were getting married on her 50th wedding anniversary! I considered it a great honor. My Grandpa Bender passed away when I was quite young of a heart attack while I was visiting them. He was a war vet and business owner. He also worked on the Alaskan Pipeline. He was a Christian man. Grandpa was a very hard worker who built his own apartment dwellings to earn more income. I wish he was still around for my children to glean from. Our next child due on Mother's Day will be named for him in using Grandpa's name as his middle name. "Justus Theodore Browning"
I came across this picture of them today and thought how beautiful it was. Look at Grandma's dress. So simple and modest and just beautiful. Look at how dashing my Grandfather was. (click on the image and it will enlarge) I just love this picture and hope to find a special spot for it in my home. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Such a handsome couple! What a neat thing to be a name sake to one so dear! Your little man will one day feel honored by it. Thank you for sharing this precious memory!!


Jenny said...

Aww... what a great photo!! Yes, it is so beautiful! You are right about her dress... so beautiful AND so modest. A handsome couple indeed! I think it's great to have a child named after a family legacy like this.

Kelly said...

Charrissa, I think you look so much like your grandfather! That is a fantastic picture. If I can help you (and I'm no expert) restore it so that you can get a good quality print of it, let me know!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture! They are a handsome couple. I have several old family photos that my grandmother gave me, one of them was a picture of my grandmother's mom while she was expecying my grandma. What treasures they are. Thank you for sharing this!