Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life and Such

I know it has been a week since I have posted so I thought just a little update was in order.
I went to the doctor last week and amazingly found out that I had gained only 1 lb. since the last OB checkup at the end of January! WOW! May not seem extraordinary for some, but for me that is great news! Especially because I have been cutting out all the sweet stuff and can now *see* the benefit of it. Soooo.... since the beginning of this pregnancy I have gained a total of 24lbs. and I will be 32 weeks along on Sunday! So happy about that!
Phillip is also doing great! He is feeling fine and is back to working. I am very thankful for such a sweet husband! He is my heart.
Isaac is getting too big! His size 12 suit (which I never wash, just spot clean and hang up) is too small! YIKES! Now we have to hunt for a size 14 suit! My boy is growing like a weed.
Gabriel just celebrated eight years and is also growing much. He just built a volcano with his Daddy and is waiting to see it "explode". Both boys did a fantastic job performing their piano pieces at state adjudications! I am so proud of them.
Ethan is knocking the socks off Phillip and I by reading from scripture during devotion time. He is also such a sweet little help to his sisters.
Ellie is just a ray of sunshine these days, with many smiles and giggles.
Chloe ... well, Chloe. She got caught yesterday getting into the valentine's day chocolates that were being kept in the pantry. There she was sitting on the floor taking bites out of the little sweets. Pictures will soon follow.

Our life is busy, sometimes hectic, full of unpredictables, but one thing is constant: our life is rich and full of many blessings. I never lack for laughter or for something "to do". I know it won't always be like this - so I better soak it in while I can!


Garth and Becky said...

Wow, congratulations on such a little weight gain! You look great...I hope you are feeling as great as you look. Can't wait to see the pictures of Chloe. = )

Tom and April said...

I cannot believe Justus' arrival is right around the corner! You are right it won't be like this forever and they are all growing so fast....I need to stop and remember that a little more often. I also cannot wait to see those pics of Chloe...I bet they are so cute...that is so funny. I guess I need to update mine sometime too?

Hazel Eye Beauty said...

can't wait to have tea w/you on wed.. what time? I very much enjoy reading your blog and looking at your pics... guess I need to take more pics...sigh,,, just not very crafty I guess.. lol

One Happy Family said...

Donna -
We have piano in the morning - so afternoon is better. Say around 2pm or 3pm????
Let me know....

Michelle H said...

Woo Hoo! We're both getting close! I'm 34 weeks and have actually gained no weight (keep in mind I started with quite a bit of extra!!)We haven't cut out sweets completely, but it's so much easier to eat healthy when the husband wants to! I'm almost bummed that it's gone so fast, I had a couple maternity outfits I haven't had time to make, and now why bother? I can't wait to see if Justus is another redhead you lucky bum. I'm guessing Owen will have brown hair.